400 comments done!

Well, this may come as a surprise!

Once again I am closer to my goal of reaching 500 comments.  I have reached 300 comments on the 2oth of April and when I woke up today, on 8th of May, I found out that I have over 400 comments on my website!!!


That’s pretty great! I thought that I will reach my milestone of 500 comments on the first of July! Now it seems like I will reach it somewhere on the 2nd week of June.

In case you missed my previous post on the 300 comments milestone, you can check it here. As I said, your comments are pretty important for me since they are considered as part of content too

So if we calculate again, suppose that an average comment has 94 words on it. I have comments that are about two sentences and comments that have more than 10 sentences. I took the average of a comment to consist of 5 sentences and 94 words.

If we do the calculations: 407 comments * 94 words= 38258 from the previous 29,046 words at the last milestone. Therefore, I have gained more than 9,000 words on my website just for asking people to share with me their questions and feedback and respond them.

Are you complaining about creating a post of 1000 words? Start asking your audience for questions!

Lately, I could see that my posts tend to rank better and better on Google and I even started on receiving organic traffic. This is pretty good since my website is only 2 months and 2 days old!!

I am starting to believe that if I keep doing this right, I will reach the 1000 comments milestone before October!

My counter also reached 636 total page views in the last month and I am pretty happy with this number.  I hope that by 1st of July I will reach more than 2000 page views!

With that being said, 500 comments milestone here I come!!!!!!!

How about you? How many comments do you have?

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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