600 comments milestone!! Done!

Hi, guys!


Well, today I am pleasured to announce that this website has reached the 600 comments milestone.


To be fair, the milestone I believe it was reached somewhere during the beginning of the last week, but I had a few things to take care off and I wasn’t able to create this post.

Initially, I believed that I will reach this milestone somewhere in the mid of June and it turns out that I approximated wrong. However, as I became active once again, I will start to create more and more interesting comments for you to be able to comment on :). Right now I am spending all of my time on creating a few posts to take care of the publishing frequency for the next 2-3 weeks and I want to focus my attention on other earn money online opportunities besides building a website.


So, if we retake the same calculation as we used the last post with the 500 comments milestone,  then we will have the following:

638 comments * 94( average words per comment) = 59,972 words.

Those are fantastic numbers. I think it is great since a usual post of mine would contain around 1000 words. That means 59 posts, can you believe it? Just from your comments and from my answers. It is amazing!

Now, I know that I’m a little off the schedule, but I still believe that reaching 1000 comments before October 1st is reasonable. I already have 638 comments and I bet that by 22th of July, I will reach the 700 comments milestone. That would mean that I would need to get 62 comments in 8 days. Those numbers don’t scare me off since I was able to receive 100 comments in 13 days before and today, my website is more exposed than it was back then.

I know that there are a few comments to which I haven’t responded yet, but I will make sure to clear my schedule this weekend in order to answer to all of them.

So, if you would ask me right now, I believe that 1000 comments by October 1st is definitely reachable and by  December I also believe that I will have at least 1400 comments on the website :).

So what are your milestones? Have you achieved the milestones that you’ve proposed for the last month?

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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