Why your visitors leaving their website is a bad thing

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In this post I am going to reveal an invisible threat to your website. I am talking about the your visitors that fill the website URL gap when they are leaving you a comment. I am sorry for those of you that usually leave me your website in your comments for deleting it, but in this post I will tell you why I delete them.

Sure this is a good way for you to prove your other visitors that your website has visitors from all different environments.  I had people commenting to my website from wedding websites, costumes websites, internet security websites, food recipes websites, weight loss websites and many many other. Yes, people from all domains left me a comment and not only other make money online veterans.

However, when you let people leave their website on their comments it can affect both your ranking and economics and this is why:

Reason 1

There are people that come to your website, read your review and ask you if other product, which you didn’t reviewed is not better than this. The same person among his e-mail and name also makes sure to leave his website as well. Those are usually your competitors that want to steal your customers. It is a pretty cowardly way that they choose, but trust me it is real.

I had a lot of people that actually commented on my website with this purpose. I believe that I had over 25 comments actually. There are only three ways to deal with this situation. First is to quick edit their comment and to delete their website. Second solution, a more passive aggressive one, is to delete their website and to thank them for their suggestion in a reply and assure them that you will write a post on that product/ service as well. Don’t leave it like that and go and create a new post and link your post to the comment. Third and final solution is to delete their comment. Instead of having a comment that steals your customers, it is better to delete it.

Reason 2

As I said in the post where I explained why is good to have comments on your posts and pages (you can access it here), those comments are part of your content too. Even if those people are not your competitors, their website url will harm your posts and pages.

As I said in my post about how to get indexed in google(Check it here), having posts that involve external linking(to other websites than yours) will get your website punished by Google.  Just imagine having a post with lots of information and almost no external link and there, when you go to your comments, you see an ocean of external links.

Even if your website is indexed in Google and other search engines, your posts and pages should contain a minimum amount of external links. For example, I would suggest that for a post of 1000 words, you should have a maximum of 4 external links. Having many affiliate links or external links, will make your pages/posts to rank poorer on the search engines and instead of having a post ranked on the 5th page of Google, you will have it ranked on the 10th or 15th page.

Delete the comments only when they are spam or don’t have anything to do with what your post/ page is about. For example if you have a page about how to make money online, always delete comments similar to “Check out the newest Ford Mustang”.

That’s it for today’s post guys, if you have any unanswered questions or any suggestions, leave them below in the comment section!


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