Doing a theme test

Hi, guys!


Well, for the next 24 hours, I am going to run a few tests on my website…


So, if you come to the website and you see that things aren’t the normal way, don’t worry. I am running a few theme based test in order to check something with google.

It should take around 12-72 hours until the website will be back to normal. Anyway, for the time been please try to navigate around the website by simply going on the left side of the screen and click on the menu icon.

Until the site is back up, I invite you to take a look at my Build A Blog for Free guide. I just finished it today!!!

Anyway, I am sure that the new theme won’t bring you any challenges, but if there is something that you can’t find, please make sure to ask me in the comment section.

So what exactly I am looking after?


Well, I am trying to add Google Adsense to my website and I’ve heard that they want from your website to have a lot of content on the landing page and have an easy to browse menu. Therefore, I will enable once again the search bar, I will make a blog roll landing page and I will try to modify the menu such that it will offer a better browsing experience :D. I was still looking for a few things to change on my menu and this thing came at the right moment!


So, you are saying that not all the websites that apply to Google Adsense are qualified?


Well, sadly yes. There are a few things that Google takes in consideration when it will review your website. The first will be the amount of content on your website, followed shortly by the number of visitors that you get and even about the uniqueness of your website.

There are a lot of things that Google want you to have before allowing your website to run their ads. However, in case of a denial, they will send you a rejection email where they will also list a few reasons why your website is not a fit for their program.


If you use Google Adwords, will your website get ranked better?


Well, I’ve heard that rumour as well and after some digging, I found out that the answer is yes.  But try to not add too many ads on your website since that will make your pages rank lower than others. I believe that the optimum thing to do is to add a  single ad on the sidebar widget.

I will create a training on how to add Adsense to your website once I get approved :).

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