How Much Time You Waste On Social Media?

Hi, guys!

Well, to be honest, I spend a lot of time on social media. I am usually the kind of person that stays almost 6 hours a day on Facebook. I’ve been Fb addicted for a lot of years now and I believe that it is finally the time to minimise this waste of time. I’ve been on Fb at school, at jobs, during Christmass, birthday, and even now I’m on Facebook.

I know that it is pretty useful since it keeps you in contact with your acquaintances, but it also feels like sometimes it makes you lonelier. For example, back in the days, we just used to make a call and talk to people instead of replying to texts.

So, how much time have I lost on Facebook?

The first time I joined Facebook, I believe it was on Feb 2012. Okay, some days I haven’t spent 6 hours and other days I had spent more than 10 hours on it. Let’s assume that I spent in total 2 hours each day(which actually I believe that it would be pretty close). So, today is June 15th, 2017. I will take into account only 1 year with 366 days. Therefore, up until 1st of Feb 2017, I had spent a total amount of 3652 hours. From Feb up until know have passed 135 days -> 270 hours. So, up until know, If I spent 2 hours a day since I joined Fb, that would make a total of 3807 hours. That’s almost 159 days(158.625) or 23 weeks or 5.6 months. So, I succeeded in wasting 5.6 months of my life on Fb.

What if I spent 4 hours a day on average?  That would be 7614 hours or 318 days or 46 weeks or 11.25 months of doing nothing than just scrolling and chatting with people.

Do you spend less than 2 hours a day on Social Media?

If yes, congratulations!

If not, it has come the time to spend our free time more wisely!

So, how could you spend time more wisely? For example, you can try and learn more about developing your website, learn something new( such as a programming language), practice your hobbies etc.

How smart would you be if you had spent 5.6 months in learning something new? How good could you’ve become at it?

*Remember, you need to spend 6 months on your website to provide you results. Instead of wasting all of this time, I could have invested it in something better, in something useful rather than just scrolling on Fb.

From now on, I’ll try to spend around 1 hour a day on Facebook. It seems kinda impossible since yesterday I’ve spent around 4 hours, but wish me luck xD!

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4 thoughts on “How Much Time You Waste On Social Media?

  1. Hello, and thanks for sharing and you are so right with what you said the time that many people waste on social media they could be using that time more productively. I try my best not to waste productive time on social media. I do my business on social media and then I leave to use my time more wisely. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      Well, you are right! I am still wasting time on social media, but I succeeded to cut it to half xD. I will try to reduce more and more the time I spend on social media. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Unfortunately, social media has become very addictive and I know friends and family who are connected to Facebook and also Instagram for hours on end. Social media is a very useful tool for keeping in contact with others, but it’s now at the point where people are craving for attention and who can get the most followers. Social media has turned into a “popularity contest”.

    And I so also agree with you that it can make us feel lonely because now we just message one another rather than popping round to someone’s home for a catch-up and a coffee. I remember a time during my childhood where we used to call round for our friends and head down the park for a game of football. But these days it’s all messenger and video chat, etc. Where has “humanity” disappeared to?

    Luckily for me, I’ve started up my own online business and it’s enabled me to limit my time on Facebook and Instagram because there are more productive things to be getting on with. It makes me feel so much better about myself, especially since I’m able to escape the negativity too.

    Social media is good. But it really needs to be used in moderation like everything in life.


    1. Hi, Neil!

      I miss these old days too. It used to be so simple when I was a child. If I wanted to hang out with friends I just popped up at their doors and ask them out or whatever. Now, we got used to text them and to chat with them on Social media networks before we hang out. I agree with you that social media has ruined us. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people for which the most important thing is to get hundreds of likes or follows on their social media accounts for people that they don’t event know. It is pretty creepy.

      I am also working on my online business, but somehow I find myself to be on Fb all the time :)). How do you manage to stay away from it?

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