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How to choose a program for Affiliate Marketing in 2018

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In this lesson I am going to tell you a few things which you will have to look at when selecting a product in order to review it for affiliate marketing.

Now this lesson is a part of a series of lessons about Affiliate Marketing. If you want to read the whole guide from the beginning, click here: Affiliate Marketing Complete Course.

From where to choose a product?

Now, if you don’t know from where to choose your first product, I will recommend you to try to choose from Amazon. There are other places as well and I talked about them in this post, but the main advantage of choosing amazon is that there are a lot of people there and almost all of the products have lots of reviews. 

What makes a product good or bad?

There are a lot of factors when you decide to look after a product. The most relevant one is that it needs to belong to your niche. You just can’t have a website about organic food and review computer games. 

Since Amazon has plenty of reviews on almost all of the products, there is no requirement for you to acquire the product. You can simply analyse 10-20 reviews and make an opinion about the product. 

Tip 1) Choose a Trending product

Amazon has a section of trending products based on different niches. Check first to see if you find a product specific to your niche and review it.

Unless you want to create a website where you sell antiques, reviewing the newest products is essential for you.  You are not the only person on Earth who has a website and does affiliate marketing in that niche! 

You probably have hundreds of competitors, but that is not a problem. If you start and create reviews on products which were launched 5-10 years ago, you won’t receive any visitors on your website!

The first reason is that your competitors already reviewed that product and their posts will be on the first pages of Google whilst your post will be on page 5-6-7-8-20. The second reason is that people don’t want to buy something that was built 5 years ago(except alcohoolic beverage).  How many of your friends said that they want to buy Iphone 4? I bet that none!

You want to review the latest products from your niche. The latest the better!

Tip 2) Choose a popular product

Ok… How does someone find such a product?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you want to review products from ShareASale or ClickBank or other places. The best thing you can do is to go on Amazon and check how many reviews/ratings your product has. 

As a general rule, a product with a lot of ratings(more than 20-50) is a great product. Of course, it needs to have an average of 4/5, but that’s normal… You won’t review a product with 1/5 and try to make someone buy it.

After you found one, search on what affiliate platform you want for it and if you find it, create a review on it.

Tip 3) Don't choose what you wouldn't buy

The main idea of affiliate marketing is to find a product and try to promote it to people in order for them to buy it and for you to get your comission. However, a good practice is to promote only products which have a great quality. 

You can easily scam someone by promoting a shady product. However, on the long run you will realise that you’re actually scamming yourself!

Think about it. If you promote a product and someone buys it and likes what he got, the next time he will come back at your website. If you scammed him, you’ve lost him and most probably you will get a bad reputation!

Tip 4) Try to find a product which solves a need

This is one of the most fundamental rules of creating a business or a service. You never create something just because someone might want it in a year or in two years.

Instead, you try to identify your target audience, study it and solve one of their problems. For example if I have a website which targets street dancers, I will assume that one of their needs is to have comfortable shoes. Therefore, I would probably look for a good quality shoes and promote them.

Try to choose an useful product.

Tip 5) Choose a product accessible to anyone

If you’re going to review a house you might have a chance to sell it. But it will take you a while to do so.

Try to look for products with a price range between $30-200. It doesn’t matter your niche. People rarely spend a lot of money buying something. 

If you review products of affordable prices, you will get a lot more visitors to your website and perhaps you will make a lot more sales rather than if you would review only expensive products. However, don’t review products that break after the third use!!!



Before you advance to the next lesson, try to find at least 5 products and review them!


That’s all for this post guys! If you have any questions left, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below! 



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