How To Create A Free Website Fast

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Hi, guys!

In today’s post I will show you how to create a free website fast. Now I know that what is fast for someone is slow for other people, but I can actually show you how to create a free website in less than 1 minute. 

If that is not fast, then I don’t know what fast actually is. I will try to keep all the technical information at minimum, but if you have any question left after you read my whole blog, please ask them in the comment section!

Step 1) Write a random name and click on the “Build It Now” blue button


It doesn’t matter what name you will add. It won’t be the final domain name. I will tell you when it will matter. From now just add a valid name and click on the build it now button.

Step 2) Write again and click on Build My Free Website button

Don’t worry yet, you still need to write any random name and click on the blue button. Now in order for this to work, you will have to register to Wealthy Affiliate. This is an online community that will let you build 2 websites and it will host them for FREE. You will be able to find a lot of training there in order to improve your website.

Step 3) Add your information. and click on create an account

After you wrote all the data, you will have to choose between taking an introduction tour or to skip the tour. If you want to take this tour, at the end of the tour you will have to go to the left menu, click on the “Site Rubix” blue button, just under the Live Chat, and click on the “Site Builder ” feature (see image below). In case that you have skipped the tour, you don’t have to do anything because you will get automatically redirected to step 4.


Step 4) Building your website.


I will explain each step individually:

1-> Here you have to click on the “On a Free domain” option.

What is the difference between the free domain and the “on a domain I own” ?

Domain = The URL of a website or the link of the website. For example, for youtube the url is “”.

A free Domain will look like:

Your own domain(you have to pay for it in order to get it!!):

Usually a domain price at Wealthy Affiliate varies from $10-15.

2-> Choose a domain name

Here is where it is important. It is important simply because once you chose your name and you clicked on build my website button, you can’t change it anymore.

The only options would be to delete the website and start another one or to purchase a domain and to transfer the website to it.

It is pretty important to choose a good domain since it will help you to get more audience.

3-> Website Title

It doesn’t really matter what the title is. You can always change it later. Therefore, don’t waste any time on coming up with the perfect title.

4-> Choose a design for your website/ Theme

A theme or a design is  basically the appearance of your website. Anything you see on a website(the menu, posts, pages, comments etc.) it is represented by a theme.

As a FREE member at Wealthy Affiliate, you will only have access to 12 themes. The best theme that I would recommend you is called twenty- sixteen. It is free and it has a good aspect.

Do not waste precious time. You can change the theme at any moment you like!

Step 5)

Check once again the domain and make sure that this is the one that you really want. After doing this, hit on the create my website button. You’re done!1


Now if you are pretty knew to all this, I would encourage you to take a look at my Website tips and also take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate tips.

Before advancing any further, make sure to read my whole Wealthy Affiliate review, where I explain how you can earn money and show you some of the features that WA has for you!!

Well this is pretty much how to create a free website fast and if you got any questions? Let me know them in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “How To Create A Free Website Fast

  1. Hello, and thanks for sharing your well-detailed article is so amazing and is really helpful to those who want to build their own website. Your step by step instruction on how to do this so awesome. Your readers will truly love your post.

  2. Hi Andrei and thanks for sharing.

    I have built all my websites with SiteRubix. I have three with my own domain and two with a SiteRubix subdomain.
    It is the best website builder I have used so far I really like Wealthy Affiliate host ( I have tried before Bluehost and Hostgator).

    So, building a free website with SiteRubix is a good way to get started and you have created a great guide on how to build one.

  3. Every one needs good instructions these days to build a website and this is indeed a very good guide. Nice and clearly detailed and lots of helpful hints. it will definitely help a lot of people.
    Well done.

  4. Hey! It really does look like it can be created not only fast, but easy. Which is so important to me as I’m not the most savviest when it comes to technology. Thank you!

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