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In this lesson, I will show you how to create quality content for the website. I know that many of you are beginners and this is why in the first part of the post I will show you how to actually create a new post and a new page for your website.

So, let’s begin!

After you installed WordPress on your website(for those who are not members of Wealthy Affiliate), the next step is to start creating website content(posts and pages). In order to create a new post you have two methods: First is by going on the top bar menu and after the W(WordPress) icon, the website name and the comments icon, you will find a new icon with a “+” symbol. Hover your mouse on it and click on Post. The second method is to go to the menu on the left, hover your mouse over “Posts” and a small menu will pop up. Click on the Add New in order to create a new one.

Creating a page is simple as well, but you have to press on Page/Pages button instead of Post.

5 Tips for writing Quality Content

1) Avoid sounding like a machine

When creating content don’t try to be perfect. Errors are natural, are what humans do. Try to sound more humane in your posts. Imagine creating a post like a conversation of yourself with one of your friends.

Try to write, with your own words, in the same way, you would explain to your closest friends how something works or to tell them about a movie or some news you heard. You don’t have to be extremely formal. You are not at a press conference. However, try to avoid vulgar words as much as you can.

2) Make your content more readable

Here we are not at an English exam so avoid writing long paragraphs. The whole point of your pages and posts is to leave the visitors a message. However, most of your visitors won’t stay from beginning more than 1-2 minutes or even less. Trust me, they are not going to read your paragraphs of 10-16 sentences.

Try to break them as I do. Instead of writing long paragraphs that give the sensation of having much to read, write small paragraphs that seem easy to read. It will be the same amount of information, but your visitor will bill believe that since are small paragraphs, it will read them more easily.

3) Catch your visitor’s eye

This is pretty hard to master, but with time you will find out that it will give you great results. Write eye-catching titles and headings on your posts/pages. This is an ongoing skill that you will develop only by practice. I haven’t practised it so much, but if you want to get better at it, you could practice it by sharing posts on different Facebook groups.

In nowadays, Facebook can share your posts impacts in real time. It can show you have many people did your post reached on groups and how many people have engaged it. Click here to see how to share a post to Facebook. Beware that there is a very thin line between an eye-catching title and a “click bait”  title.

4) Give your website a “taste”

Be honest, how many times you saw those long posts or pages online and you left halfway through your reading? They are absolutely boring and monotone!

People get bored very quick when all they have to do is to read and read content. Give them a break. Insert from time to time a subtle image or a relevant video that will raise their attention. You can also add more effects to your website by writing with different fonts or with different colours or even breathtaking animations.

5) Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes

I think the most important thing you have to do when you try to advertise or sell a product is, to be HONEST. If you were your visitor and you would read all your content, would you be convinced to buy it? Would you have a second taught?

Never assume that your visitor is stupid.

Stay honest and write exactly what is your real opinion. Especially in the situation where you have to choose between promoting a product that is good but you get less money from it and promoting a scam or a lower quality product that will reward you a higher commission than a legit/better product. Being honest will gain your visitors’ trust and they will come back to try out other products and perhaps they will even recommend you to other people. On the other hand, scamming your audience will result in a negative impact and you know as well as me that bad reputation spreads fast.

Writing product reviews and website content is not something that you are born with. It takes time and dedication in order to improve it. For example, I am still far away from writing as a native, but with time, I hope I will improve my English skills.

The worst thing you can do is to not write. Write as many articles as you can. Only benefits come from this:

  • Trust building;
  • Experience;
  • It will improve your grammar. Especially if you are non-native (like me).
  • And with time your articles might generate you some profit.

When I heard for the first time that I had to write articles I was completely terrified. Especially when Kyle(WA Owner) told me that I had to write around 1,500 words per article. I was like “C’mon even if I tell my whole childhood story I won’t get over 1,000 words, how the heck would I write 1,500 words?!?!?!”

Now, I tend to write around 800-1000 words. It is pretty easy for me because I got used to it and in general if I know what to write about, it would take me an astonishing 25 minutes to create a post or a blog. For example, yesterday my schedule was off the record because my girlfriend was visiting me and I succeeded in writing 3 articles in around one hour and a half.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of writing. Remember that no one was born perfect!

Now that you know how to create a new page/post, the only problem that you will probably encounter is:

“What do I write on it?”

You can write any relevant information to your niche. The first thing you have to do is to think about the core of your website. You can write about absolutely anything and trust me when I say it “There is always something to write about it”. Since I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, I stumble across websites from lots of people. Indeed, the websites in the make money online and losing weight are countless, but I have seen a large diversity of websites. For example, I came across websites with niches as Wedding, Cat Food, Boxing, Dog Training, Scuba Divers, Cannabis(lolz), Bees, Chocolate, Honey, Clothes, Physics, Insurance, Computer security(more about antivirus and other software components) etc.

In every domain, there are a lot of things to write for. I temporarily have three websites. This is one of them, I also have a website about losing weight( which I am currently struggling with) and I even have a website about “Halloween Costumes”. The Halloween Costumes was my first website and in less than a month I actually succeeded in creating 21 pages and 9 posts.  I created all that while starting literally from 0. I joined Wealthy Affiliate created a few websites and it was less than a month from Halloween when I realised that a website concerning Halloween costumes could be a hit. Obviously, I failed big time because I was a newbie and didn’t know what to expect and how to implement anything. Check this post here to learn some of the mistakes that I made on that website.

Discover what to write about while creating content

So I knew nothing and in less than a month I created a few websites, I deleted all of them and succeeded in creating a website with 21 pages and 9 posts. I never knew what to write about and I only had one idea: It got to be about Halloween. I started writing three main topics down Halloween Costumes for Men, Women and Children and created pages about them. Then, while I was exploring affiliate programs such as Amazon and Shareasale, I started to realise that this “specific niche” was way larger than I ever taught. As I dig more and more and while searching on Amazon and ShareSale for products to review, I found more ideas for content:

My point? You just have to put some time aside, start with a few ideas and with time you will discover more and more ideas on what to write about.

Spying your competition

Spy your competition as much as you can. This is one of the best sources of creating content. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you will always have competition. So, why not take advantage of it?

Your competitors are a rich source of inspiration. They are also easily to reach, for example, a simple search of your niche on Google should reveal at least 2-4 pages of your competitors. Spy only on the first 10 results since Google ranks the best websites on the first page(I will come to this in the next lesson).

Make sure that you will not steal content ideas only for one competitor. For example, at my Halloween website, I researched at over 10 competitors and created content for my website as I wanted it to be. By spying on your competitors you will be able to choose their top topics and put them together on your website. I am not saying to copy paste their content. This will be bad for your website ranking. I usually spy on my competition and take only the topics that I find interesting. For this website, an example could be the Earn Money Online category and the Scams category(I am currently working on it :D!).

Google Alerts 

How can you use Google as your partner? Google Alerts is the response.

In a few words, Google Alerts is a powerful feature that every blogger and website owner should use. It is free and simple to use. Basically, Google collects information from all around the web and it can provide you, trough google alert, the possibility to show you the most recent news regarding your niche. Therefore, you could easily enter your niche for example “internet scams” or “lose weight” or “cooking recipes” or any combination of words you can think about and Google will send you an e-mail with the top news of those words during that day.

Check here how to set up Google Alerts

Facebook Groups/Pages

It doesn’t matter what your niche is about, I am pretty sure that there is a Facebook group or page of it. Insert your niche in the top search bar and press search. You will find very many pages and groups that talk about your niche and you can easily come up with new content ideas.

For example, I am currently in many groups of making money online. You can imagine that there are many wolves that want to scam people like me and you and take money from them. Well, I can use them as my own source of content and I could easily research their scams and write a review on my website. The best part? I didn’t even need to research for content ideas. It basically came to me.

It is not just for making money online, there are many other niches that could use Facebook groups. For example, you can review different weight loss methods or dating advice or how to start up a business or cooking recipes. Any niche you have, you can just join a relevant group and find content about it. Let’s say something more unusual such as… space exploration. I just searched them on Fb and found more than 15 groups. Most of them are groups of over 1000 members. Basically, whenever they will post any innovation, I can just follow the link, read the article, do a little more research and BOOM just like that I get an awesome interesting article for my website.

You can do the same with other social medias such as Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Instagram, Youtube and Reddit. The content ideas are there waiting for you to exploit them.

Alphabet soup

Alphabet soup is another free and powerful technique which you could use. However, I will discuss this one with examples in the next lesson.

How many pages or posts should I publish a week?

In order for your website to have success, I would advise you to publish around 3 pages a week. It won’t take you long to create them, perhaps half a days for beginners. However, at WordPress, you have the option to schedule your content and set a day for when it will be automatically published. I exploit that function. In the last two days, I created 6 posts/pages meaning that I have completed my assignment for two weeks. Cheers to that! However, there are people that publish around 7-14 posts per week, but those hired content writers.

Should I hire a content writer as well?

The short answer is No. Check this post to see why I think that it is bad for you to hire a professional writer.

Any other questions? Ask them below and as always I will respond them as soon as I can! Thanks!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

26 thoughts on “Quality Content

    1. Greetings Charles!

      Thank you for your kind feedback! As I said in my About me page, I am here as your friend and not as an expert or boss or seller :). I am glad that you enjoy my website. Stay tuned because I have many informative posts and pages that are scheduled to be published 😀 !!

  1. I like your tips on writing content as I find this the most difficult part to conquer. Many times I face a writer’s block and my mind simply went blank. Your article provides some interesting points which are very informative and useful at the same time, so thanks!

    1. Hello Moon!

      Well, it might seem hard at first to create website content, but with time it will become more and easier :D. Whenever your mind goes blank, just take a half hour off and do other things. You will see that after that you will be able to come up with brilliant ideas for your website :D! For example, a few days ago I wasn’t in the mood of creating content and I was spending time on Facebook. Then, I realised that there are some people that don’t know how to use Fb and I even created a tutorial on how to set up a Fb account and create a Fb page for your business :D. Ideas are out there, but try to not spend so much time overthinking :).

  2. This post is definitely essential because many people allow the fear of writing content to stop their progress. I know this because the idea of doing so kept me away from my site for two months. It wasn’t because I couldn’t write, but more so the idea of having so much to write. However, as you said, in order for our sites to be successful we must continue to write. Great post that every blogger should read.

    1. Greetings Monique!

      I hear you! It happened the same for me. The first stage was that I was afraid of writing because I am not a native. The second stage was that I began lazier due to the fact that I didn’t wrote anything and it with time I saw days, weeks and even months passing by without creating content :)! As months passed by, I was starting to have doubts about my success. It was impossible for me to have success without creating anything :D. The best thing for people is to make a 30-day blogging challenge :D. It doesn’t even matter how bad you write because you can write let’s say for 2 months and after 2 months you will start creating better content. When you feel confident, then you can delete your old articles that don’t make any sense and continue in creating new articles maybe on the same theme :).

  3. Hi Andrei – Great content you got here.
    As we all know, one of the major factors of a successful website is content. The more quality you give to your content, the more trust you will develop to your readers. Will apply all of the things you have shared from here. Nice job! 🙂

    1. Hello Mark!

      Well I believe that having quality content is the most important fact actually. This is due to the fact that if you have a high quality content on your website, your visitors will turn into customers and they will perhaps even recommend you. This is essential since if your visitors are not happy with what are they seeing, they will quickly leave and go to your competitors and your chances of gaining an authority become highly diminished.

  4. Hi Andrei,
    Great info about creating contents. I do my homework for creating some quality contents and fortunately I come across your site. I have learned several things in this article and get so much ideas to create quality content.
    As a website quality contents are very important for organic search, but many times I ran out of contents ideas.
    I like best in this article is to spy your competitors website. Sure this will help you learn a lot from your competitors.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Maun!

      Well, it is important to spy on your competition mainly because you will see what makes your competitors successful business owners. In order to assure that you are doing it right, make sure to only check the first and second page of Google results. You can also use Google and spy on the competitors that are less successful than others and learn from their mistakes. In order to check that, go to any results on pages from 4-5. Try to analyse and figure out who their “targeted” audience is and see how they engage them. Check their websites for details in order to see where they are failing and try to learn from it. Maybe some have too many ads, some have too many affiliate links, some promote scams, some promote lower quality products. They definitely do something wrong since they don’t appear in the first pages of Google results. Check them out and learn from their mistakes :D!

  5. Wow, lot’s of great information here!

    I like that you say up front that you are “one of us” and not a guru. We all are learn this stuff together!

    I especially appreciated the information about how to come up with content, nasically with what we are already doing every day. FB, twitter, youtube, etc… We use it for information everyday, why not use it to help us great quality content??

    Awesome stuff there…

    1. Hey Steve!

      Thank you for your feedback! I am glad that you liked my article! Well, I’m the kind of person which tries to exploit every opportunity :D. Since FB, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and other social media networks are free, why wouldn’t we take advantage of it? 🙂 Basically, the social media provide us with a lot of help. They keep us updated with the latest trends and show us what normal people, like me or you prefer. It is a simple and a great source of coming up with new content for our website :).

  6. I absolutely love this article. Any beginner who happens across it is definitely going to be empowered. A lot of people are intimidated by writing. They do think they have to be at a press conference when in all actuality (you are 100% right and I like how you put it) it isn’t a press conference.

    You wrote in your natural voice and tone and it screams organic and trustworthy.
    Thank you for sharing your tips.

    And as for scouting the competition – one of the best tips in the post. I spend hours scouting competition and it’s an extremely valuable thing to do.

    1. Hello Shonna!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Well, this is one of the main hold-ups that discourage new Entrepreneurs. Instead of trying, when they see that things can get a little out of hand, they seem to quickly bail out. This is one of the main reasons why people fail in life. I believe that there is no such thing as an impossible task. IF someone can do it, then I can do it. Sure, some might have an upper advantage for beings English natives, but with time, the written level of English will improve. For example, I can see that my level improves on a daily basis. I believe that at my first website, at my first article, I had to rewrite it over 100 times :D. Like in anything you do in your life, persistence is the key to succeeding.

  7. Great tips! So many of the most necessary things are also the most obvious. And yet, for some reason, it’s so easy to go into “robot mode” and forget to make it just like a person put it together for another person to read.

    Your “Spy on the competition” image made me laugh. I may have nightmares about it! Lol.

    Keep up the great work


    1. Hello Kevin!

      Thank you for your feedback! Well, I actually spent some time to get that image :D. It wasn’t that easy to find it since there are only a few sources of images labelled for reuse :).

  8. Hi,
    I was just reading your content and you tell that we should write 1500 words for one post. Is it some kind of a ranking rule in Google? I actually know a little about it. If you can answer my question, I will be really happy.

    1. Greetings Furkan!

      It is not a strictly rule. People should aim to write to over 1500 words in their posts. There are many factors that search engines take into consideration when they rank your page. The total amount of words in your article it is one of them. Sure, it is not the most important factor, but you shouldn’t ignore it. Having a post with 2000 words instead of one with 500 words, basically, tells Google that your post contains more details on a topic and it will be more helpful to someone who is looking for help on that subject. For example, if someone searches about Independence Day, google will give him the most helpful websites on the first page(based on people’s engagement such as shares, comments, backlinks etc.) and then it will be the posts with the highest amount of words. Since one website with a post of 400-500 words could tell what is Independence day and when it happened whilst a website with a post of 1500-2000-3000 words could tell more details such as its significance, the declaration of independence etc. As I said in other posts, Google is more interested in giving its customers( the people that search on Google) the top quality service. Therefore, if they have to choose between ranking a 2000 words article and a 400 words article, the 2000 words will be ranked better since it may contain more relevant information. If the customer is not satisfied with an article of 400 words, it will quickly go to Google’s competitors and Google will loose its customer. Don’t worry, in case you don’t know what to write on it anymore, I advise you to take a look at my blog post on the importance of comments that it’s scheduled to be published on April 23. As a short preview, the comments are also taken into consideration of being part of post’s content. Therefore, the total amount of words in your comments will be added to the total amount of words in your post. See here more benefits of people commenting on your posts.

  9. I am really liking your posts. You are very tuned to how all this works and am grateful you are ‘out there’ to help people. thank you for this post.

    1. Hi Brent!

      Well, I try to help anyone achieve their freedom from the 9-5 office job :). I believe that life is too short to spend it working for anyone else than yourself. Won’t you agree?

  10. Wow, great tips. I think the fifth is really important. You really have to write for your visitors, not for yourself! Also, spying on your competition is a good idea. If they had success with it, it probably work 🙂

    1. Hi, Ben!

      Well, I kinda disagree with you on that. Of course, you have to write for the visitors and not for the search engines. However, remember that in order to be happy with the business that you will create, you will need to like what you are writing about and to be happy when you explore it in depth. If we don’t like what we do then we will still have that feeling of working and not building something out of passion. Someone once said that in order to feel free and happy, you need to like what you are doing! 😀

  11. Great post, very east to follow and very informative, this is a really awesome post and explains in full detail how to go about getting a good rank in the search engines and driving traffic. Thanks for sharing. Your post is very helpful.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      Thank you very much for your comment! I am glad that you have no questions unanswered :D. Make sure to follow every step of the tutorial in order to maximize your success :)!

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