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Is Wealthy Affiliate University Scam?

Hi, guys! 

Is Wealthy Affiliate University Scam? This is today’s topic.

I’ve been a member for almost a year now, and I hope that my honest post will clear your mind!

is the wealthy affiliate a scam or not

Me & Wealthy Affiliate

I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now. Don’t be afraid that I will try to pursue you into joining us. 

Even though I am a loyal member, I will try to be as objective as one can be in this post, in order to offer you to offer the possibility to make an informed choice by the end of the post.

In this post I will discuss about WA being or not a scam. Therefore, I won’t put accent on its features or promotions or success stories or affiliate marketing. If you want to see a whole review, then click this link that it will take you to my whole 7000+ words review.

Introduction To Wealthy Affiliate

Before we can judge if the Wealthy Affiliate University is a scam or not, we need to understand what is Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a community with over 800,00 registered members that is focused on Internet Marketing and in developing your own business.

As their motto states: Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business, Wealthy affiliate helps anyone regardless their age or experience, to choose one of their passions, such as football, dancing, philosophy, astronomy and so on, and to turn it into a profitable online business. 

They cover all the steps from how to properly choose your niche(passion), to how to build a website(don’t worry, you won’t need any coding skills), to how to develop your website and write content on it, to how to get traffic to your website. 

All this theory will be presented to you in the form of Videos, done by Kyle, who applies the theory into practice. 

Besides the theory, WA will also provide you features as Website Builder, Keyword tool, free website hosting(for 2 sites), 1-on-1 support, site support and many others. I will discuss all of them below, don’t worry! 😀

The Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate puts a lot of accent on teaching you how to create your own business. They know that most of the new members don’t know anything about Internet marketing or about other stuff such as Website development and in order to optimize their chance to succeed, Kyle&Carson&Jay spent a lot of time in creating tutorials that will cover all of the questions that one might have.

Now, what can you find at Wealthy Affiliate that will help you learn?

This is the main training at Wealthy Affiliate. It contains 5 levels.

In level 1 you will learn to choose a niche, to create a website, to understand keywords, to start and build traffic and many other things.

Level 2 covers how to set up a private domain and email, how to get advantage of the visual effects and a few notions about how to create content.

Level 3 is focused around how to earn money from your website. It starts with explaining the money cycle, a few things about affiliate marketing & networks, how to add affiliate links to your pages and other methods of monetization.

At level 4, you will learn to master the social media. One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is through Social media. Kyle dedicated a whole level to this in order to maximize your chance to get viral.

 The last level, 5, is focused more on the business development. It puts accent on content and the search engines and also it concentrates around building a business plan for your future.

Now, take into account that this is just a brief description of what those modules contain. There is a lot of information which I haven’t mentioned simply because it would take me a week to cover all that is taught. 😀 

The Affiliate Bootcamp is focused more in teaching people how to get referrals to different affiliate programs. Even though it sounds kinda shady, I personally believe that if you go through this course, you will master both marketing and knowing how to increase the conversion rate of any post. 

It is pretty similar to the Certification Course, but it puts more accent on how to deliver outstanding quality content.

There are 7 levels on the Affiliate Bootcamp:

The first level teaches you about how to build your website, what plugins to add and how to create insightful reviews.

The second level is focused on how to create readable content and how to understand keywords.

The 3rd level is focused on Social media and Google analytics.

The level 4 is concentrating on Website design and on creating your own videos.

Level 5 teaches you how to create a customer profile and how to convert traffic on your website.

Level 6 takes Bing & Yahoo in-depth and teaches you a few things about ad campaigns.

Level 7 on the other hand is fully focused on ad campaigns and reviews. 

Jay is our SEO GOD. 

Jay joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007. Over the time, Jay has created more than 270 webinars in order to help all of us to create outstanding reviews that will rank on the #1st position in any Search Engine. 

His webinars are primarily focused on SEO, but from time to time he also takes time to teach us about Amazon, Landing pages, FB ads, creating goals, email marketing and pretty much almost everything.

His webinars are around 60 minutes each. He currently has 271 webinars and 215 blogs where he discusses about EVERYTHING. He takes questions from the community members all the time. If only someone had enough time to go through all of his webinars… lol.

Each week he does a live webinar on different subjects. Whilst on the webinar, he takes questions from the whole community and makes sure that by the end of a webinar, no one will have any other questions. 

Jay’s webinars are one of the most powerful assets of this community.

In the last 15 years, people had a lot of questions about creating and developing an online business. All those questions were categorizes in the following classrooms:

With over 24,755 answered questions, 11 tutorials, 13 videos and 5 courses, the WA community assures success to anyone who really tries to become successful.

There are literally thousands of blogs created by community. Now, all of those blogs contain tips on how to create content or reviews of different affiliate networks and other stuff. 

They are created by community members that felt the need to give something back for everything they gained. 

There are thousands of success stories where people share private data such as how much money they earned, how much it took them, what they are doing, how much traffic they have on their site, what plugins they have installed, what ad campaigns they use and a lot more. 

This is among the most powerful features of Wealthy Affiliate. Just imagine that there is a place where someone can ask a question and get a response.

It typically takes 24 hours to get a response, right?

Well, at WA, in less than 5 minutes there are already 3 people that tried to help you out. Sometimes it is unbelievable how fast people respond.

The Wealthy Affiliate Features

Besides the unique training, WA offers to its members some great features:

How much time do you think that it takes for a website to be build? 


Well, if we take the traditional way, it would take a week for us to start and learn how to code and then another week or a week and a half to build our own website. 


At Wealthy Affiliate, building a website takes less than 1 minute. For real, I’ve actually tested this.

Usually,  other services ask you for an amount of money to build your site. At WA it is free for both Free&Premium members

After you’ve built your website, the next problem is that you need to host it in order for other people from the internet to be able to access it. 

Well, normally this costs from $5 a month and it tends to go to even $30. 

Here, at WA, this feature is included in both free(2 sites)&premium memberships(50 sites).

The Keyword tool is another powerful resource which WA gives you for free. 

I know that some of you might say that you have the Google Planner. However, lately, G planner tends to not show realistic results. Moreover, the WA Keyword tool, also shows you the number of your competitors besides the number of searches per month.

I am not sure if it is included in the free membership, but I know for a fact that in the premium membership you have access to unlimited uses. 

In general, a keyword tool with unlimited searches per month would cost you around $20-$50 per month.

It doesn’t matter if you are new or experienced in having your own online business. 

Whenever you have any questions, you can simply ask them over the live chat and the more experienced individuals will come and help you out. 

As I mentioned before, typically in less than 5 minutes someone will answer your questions.

Don’t know if you’re doing good or bad? Why not ask the community?

WA has a feature called Site Feedback, where you can ask people to take an in-depth look at your website and tell you their opinion on your site.

Don’t even worry that they will leave you a short opinion. They are forced by the system to write at least a 500 word feedback. 😀

I’ve seen at a lot of companies that were providing hosting services that they will charge you $5 for site backup.

However, at WA is absolutely free. 

How do you know that it is not a scam?

There are a lot of reasons why Wealthy Affiliate will never be a scam and below I will share a few:

1) Free membership

Every scam hates this. They hate to give people free access to the program because they will see that they are dealing with a scam. 

Usually scammers will try to force you to buy the product before you are trying it.

Wealthy Affiliate let’s you test the system for free, for lifetime.

There are only a very few sets of rules such as: developing porn sites or illegal gambling sites, that will make them terminate your membership.

I’ve been member for a year and I haven’t heard anyone having their accounts terminated.

2) They don’t ask for credit card information upon registration.

This is another reason why WA isn’t a scam. Whilst registering and whilst being a free member, WA won’t ever ask you for your credit card information.

This means that if you keep your free membership for lifetime, they will not ask you to submit your card information. Not even after 3 months, a year, 3 years, 10 years, or when your grand grand grand grand children lives.

3) Live Chat

Now, if you were scamming people, how likely would it been for you to give them a solution to connect with each other and risk for them to spread the fact that this is a scam?

I would say that this would never happen. 

Live chat isn’t limited by anything. Anyone can come and chat with anyone whenever they want. 

4) We know a lot about the owners.

Well, you don’t know, but if you search for Kyle and Carson on google or anywhere else, you will see that there are a lot of articles and photos with them.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the most successful affiliates even meet with them once every year. They go to a convention in Las Vegas and they share lots of pics with us in order to make us work harder. 

5) Communities’ success stories

Ok, maybe 4-5-50 people may have been paid to submit fake success stories.

But what about 100?200?300?500?1000?

Are all of them paid?

I think not… There are thousands of success stories within the community. You can check them all by clicking on the Activity Dashboard in the left sidebar and by clicking on the Success! tab. But don’t spend too much time reading them!!

6) Long-term members

There are a lot of members that are on premium membership(they pay monthly or annually fees) and have been with WA for 5-10-12 years.

Why would they continue to pay if all of this is just a scam? Sure you can be rich, but you could definitely invest your money in something else that is rewarding, right?

Why I hate Wealthy Affiliate

Believe it or not, but I hate them!

I am neither an antisocial nor a psychopath. Is just the idea that most of the time, I have some questions and I go on the Live chat and I ask them.

Most people don’t just respond. They keep the conversation on-going and ask how are you, how’s your day and stuff like that.

This is good at first, but after you’ve spent 3-4 hours on chatting with people, you will see that the day went by without you doing nothing to improve your business. 

You won’t earn money by doing nothing!

WA has a membership rank. Now this rank doesn’t affect at all your chance of success. It goes from 1 to >800,000 and being as close to 1 it means that you are an active member within the community. 

Now, the problem comes when people want to be more and more active. Therefore, it happened to me a few times that when I asked a few questions, either created a post or asked on the live chat, a few members that didn’t know the answer just commented in order to increase their activity.

In general they would comment things like good question or I am not sure either or crap like that.

Why does it affect me? Well, all the unanswered questions have a priority. When someone answers to your question, your question won’t be considered anymore as a priority and other people will believe that you’ve got your answer and they won’t take a look over your question.

Why other people call WA a scam

Well, many people fail to understand what WA does for them. They all think something like hey, I’ll join this community and somehow I will earn money.

This is because they have read a poor review before and they haven’t understood that you actually need to build a website and work at it in order to earn money. 

Success never comes over night. Not in a billion years.

In order to see results you have to work for it and you have to work for months!

A lot of people that join WA have never encountered a long-term plan. I am part of those people.

I haven’t understood the reality of a long-term business up until I faced it. I was somehow thinking that yeah, I will work 2 months at it and by the 3rd month I’ll buy Apple. 

It is never like this. You have to invest both time and dedication and work until you see results.

It takes in general 6-8 months in order to see results. This is due to the fact that Google and other search engines don’t trust your website.

However, if you will work and you won’t give up, you will eventually see results. 


I’ve worked for 2 months and a half and I haven’t seen any results. I barely had 12 organic sessions by the end of my 2nd month. Now, in my 6th month, I had over 1200 sessions. 

All people are lazy. This includes me, you and everyone you will ever meet. 

In order to have success at something you will need to get out of your comfort zone and to work for it. The tragedy of our society is that very few people succeed to do this. As I said before, people somehow expect to just sit and do nothing and become billionaires. 

This won’t happen. This is reality we’re living in. 

An online business is not different than any other thing that you want to accomplish in your life. It takes the same amount of effort and dedication. Sometimes it might even take more.

You know, you want to get in the football team, you spend a lot of days/months/years to work for it and to finally get good at it and then you succeed. 

You want to get promoted at your job. You do extra shifts, you work during weekend, you always come up with a new plan and then you succeed.

On the same principle works an online business. You need to work hard, to learn hard…lol… to go through lots of challenges and only after that you will succeed. 

I’ve faced a lot of challenges in order to get where I am today. But I’ve got results!

The main problem is not that you have a lot to learn or that you have to build a website or pages or posts etc. 

The main problem is when you work and you don’t see results. Now many people, tend to bend the ear to their relatives or friends who tell them that they won’t succeed and give up.

I’ve been there. For 4 months straight everyone I knew told me that I was insane. That it will never work and I’m just losing my time.

Well, this would’ve been the truth if I were to give up. However, I was stubborn enough to keep going and today I have Better REsults than ever before. 

If you just walk away and give up on your dreams, how would you expect to accomplish something in your life? Do you want to be a sheep for the rest of your life? 

Sadly, many people don’t possess this kind of ambition to keep going.

I want to become a millionaire like many WA members and not to waste my life in a 9-5 office job. This ambition keeps me going.

The only factor that makes the difference between success and defeat is the amount of determination that you possess. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate University Scam?

The answer is no. Wealthy Affiliate is legit.

Below are a few success stories of WA members which inspire me. In order to read real testimonials click here

This is all on: Is Wealthy Affiliate University Scam? If you have any other questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below! Cheers! 😀

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

16 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate University Scam?

  1. Some people think WA is a scam because it’s more expensive than another hosting provider. However, you are not only getting hosting but also access to top notch training in all topics related to affiliate marketing. There is such an abundance of video tutorials that you won’t find anywhere else. You also get amazing support from the community and owners. WA is indeed a great place to create affiliate websites and make passive I come online. But as you said, a lot of people are not willing to sit down and do the work. That’s why some people will put the blame on anything except on their inability persevere and learn from mistakes.

    1. Hi, Stefan!

      Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, The Wealthy Affiliate is the kind of place that has everything you need to learn and run an online business in the same place. There are plenty of tutorials and webinars on areas of interest such as Affiliate MArketing, WordPress tutorials, E-mail Marketing, Content Writing, SEO and other stuff. I worked my way out of the laziness and right now I am seeing more results than most people with a website on a similar age as mine. 😀 I know that everything I learned and applied helped me out and I am glad that I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

  2. Wow, what an informative review of wealth affiliate. You are so spot on when you mentioned that scammers like to sell you stuff and sell you more once you give them your credit card information. In fact, I fell for their trap few times and lose few hundred dollars. If I would’ve seen this review before and purchase the junk programs, I would have few hundred dollars in my pocket. Thank you so much for sharing. This is probably the one of the most informative reviews I have read about wealth affiliate. Keep up with the good work.

    1. Hi, Hong!

      Thank you for your feedback. 😀 I am sorry to hear that you got scammed. Sadly, there are a lot of people that earn money on other’s suffering. I am glad that great opportunities such as Wealthy Affiliate exist. For example, in the last week I have published a new review and in less than 8 hours it got on the front page of Google, on rank #1. Another proof is that this week I just created a new website and published 2 pages and 1 post and I’ve got Google indexed in 6 hours and two days ago was my first 100+ organic visitors per day!!! I am thankful to Wealthy Affiliate for those achievements.

  3. It is hard to believe that anything is free these days. I can see that your course has quite a bit that is free, including the first few lessons. I do not know a lot about computers though, would that be a problem? Is this something I can share with my family memebers?

    1. Hi, Judith!

      Well, there is no problem if you don’t possess any computer or coding skills. When I first joined, I didn’t even know what a website theme is. Kyle’s video tutorials and other community member’s tutorials is more than enough for you to be able to create a website and to get it on the front page of Google. I am the living proof of that. In fact, in the last week, I have created a review and in less than 8 hours it got on the front page of Google, on position 1.

      The terms and conditions tell you to not share your account with a 3rd party. But, I am not sure how they could test this. For example, I usually log into Wealthy Affiliate from both my wireless and my mobile traffic data. Therefore, I have two different IP addresses and up until now, I haven’t got any problem with that.

      If you really don’t like to take any chances on this, I would advise you to let your family learn from the same device you are using. 😀
      Hope that answers your questions! I wish you a great day! 🙂

  4. I recently started at WA, just so I could get a website for my business up and running. I feel more knowledgeable by using them over any information I have found on Pinterest or Google to date. Everyone should try the free membership and see how it helps them out. I have had one problem that has gone unanswered even with site support but it seems that they are trying to fix the problem.

    1. Hi, Marcey!

      Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, I, like you, believe that the Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start to learn about how to build a website and how to bring traffic to it(SEO/SEM). Hmm, I had a few problems with the website as well, but every time I’ve got a response on my ticket in less than 10 minutes. Weird that it happened. Share with me your problem, if you still have it. Maybe I could provide you with some help! 😀

  5. Great article Andrei, I agree 100%. My only regret with WA is that I didn’t come across it sooner. I encountered plenty of scams which were such a waste of time. Other times it was websites that required you to invest hundreds of hours of time for very money in return. They were almost just as bad. You’re right that by allowing people to sign up for free, WA proves its a legit scheme. In my own experience, when I could see how great the content was and there was so much support, my mind was made up.

    1. I know Oliver. There are a lot of places which do MLM. They catch you by stating that you only need to invest $20 and you will start to learn how to make money online. You will probably get an incomplete free pdf guide and after you will read it( probably 10-20 minutes) they will offer you another pdf which costs more in order to give you the information that they’ve left out. And they will do this until you will quit.

      This is not the case at Wealthy Affiliate. Here there is only the Premium membership which you will have to pay in order to unlock everything. And by everything I mean all the courses, webinars, blog posts, PM features, SSL certificates and so much more. This is the best thing about WA. It only takes $19 in the first month and $49 after that in order to gain access to everything. That of course, if you don’t decide to upgrade to yearly which will cost you $1 per day.

  6. WA is a god send compared to other sites that offer similar services, their prices are cheap and the community is simply amazing!
    I have no idea what I’d be doing without finding Wealthy Affiliate myself. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking into building their own website.

    1. Hi, James!

      Well, there are a lot of places to learn on the internet. This can’t be denied. However, videos, blogs, tutorials, webinars are simply just theory. In my case whenever I tried to put something in practice, I’ve stumbled across a lot of problems which the theory hasn’t prepared me for. And this goes for absolutely everything, not just building an online business.

      Now, when this dead end comes, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the Live Chat feature. This, in my opinion, is the strongest feature of this community. Having all the experienced members, some of them which are even millionaires within their niches, just at 1-5 minutes away from helping you, 24/7, when you’re in trouble, it can make all the difference in the world!

  7. You covered a lot of information about Wealthy Affiliate. Any can sign up for the free membership. Once inside, they should be able to see Wealthy Affiliate is legit. No scammer would go to the lengths that the founders of Wealthy Affiliate have gone, just to dupe people. When you are on the site using the tools and taking advantage of the step-by-step training, you can see that the tools are real, the people are real and the value is real. I know of no other website that delivers the value that Wealthy Affiliate delivers – none. Anyone who will spend the time and do the work can use the training, tools, and experts in Wealthy Affiliate and build a profitable website.

    1. Hi, Joe!

      I recently reviewed a few scams from a company and I have to say that those people publish a scam every single week. However, they don’t even struggle to write about it. They don’t even take the time to create a video of someone going through their “opportunity” to earn money. While I was reviewing them, I realize how much Kyle & Carson have invested in Wealthy Affiliate.

      They took 12 years in building the perfect community in order to help everyone regardless their age(+13yo.), regardless their experience, to help them to build their very own online business and to help them achieve financial freedom.

      I still can’t appreciate the effort that they have put in since I never worked on something for 12 years. Maybe just my education, but that didn’t lend me anywhere. However, I intend to follow their steps and to create multiple online businesses as well!

  8. Hi!

    Great article! Luckily I have been doing my research before jumping head first in to something. I guess WA is a good chioce. I have just started, but the people there are encouraging and in the beginning, some support is needed. Your article injects more optimism.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi, Erik!

      I am glad to hear this! I know that the beginnings are always the hardest. You feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you will have to learn and implement, but after a few months, you will learn how to do everything. Just have faith in yourself and don’t give up until you will succeed. You can also take a look at my psychology blog posts. They can be found while hovering the mouse on the About Me section on the top menu. In some of them, I even share stories from my own experience.

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