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Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Wealthy Affiliate is a community founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005. With over 12 years of experience in online marketing, the founders offer you very detailed courses, training, live-training and help in order for you to build your own website and to develop your business.


Having over 800,000 entrepreneurs on his website, Kyle provides them training and step by step tutorials in such a well manner that you won't have any questions left after you finished watching the tutorials.

Kyle will help you and trough his video tutorials will take you step by step and show you how to choose a website theme or niche that suits you and how to build your own website. He will also explain to you in more detail how affiliate marketing works, and it will give you examples of companies from where you can take your products to review.

Don't worry. I knew nothing about website building or advertising and partnering with a online business sounded crazy for me too. And look at me now. I have 3 websites in the moment and I'm looking to make a few more in the next months. I already do reviews to other products for more than 3 companies including Amazon, Sharsales and Clickbank and earn commission from them. I achieved all this thanks to Kyle's tutorials.

So how can you make money at Wealthy Affiliate? 

This is a trick question because WA won't pay you any money unless you exploit the referral program. Don't rush and say that this is a ponzi scheme.

The main focus of this community is to help you learn how to build a website around your hobby and how to develop it in order for you to be able to earn money from it.

The point is not to promote WA, but to build your own website and monetize it through Affiliate Marketing or other website monetization methods. 

The main reason why WA is my No. 1 Recommendation is that besides those vast tutorials, they also offer you the possibility of FREE hosting of two websites for the FREE Lifetime Membership. By doing this, they prove to anyone that the program is not a scam. 


How does it work?

After you register, the first thing you have to do is to choose what type of website do you want to have.

You have two main options.

There is no right path here.  You can choose one of the two or both, but I strongly recommend you not to go with two websites at once. It's very time-consuming.

You can have a full-time income from only one website.

So how you choose your path.

You can write about anything you want on your own website. Literally you can earn money from anything. If you don't believe, I'll let you know that there are people right now who sell meteorites on Amazon.

You can write about anything at all. On my time at Wealthy Affiliate, I  met people who had websites from Halloween costumes to boxing gloves to party games to how to lose weight to guinea pigs and even to heat resistant barbecue gloves.

If you want to pursue your hobby you should start by clicking on Certification button.

Still don't have any ideas? Don't worry! WA has your back.

If you just don't find any interesting topic, Kyle can teach you how to promote WA. Start your training by clicking on Affiliate Bootcamp button.

You can earn money even if you don't build a website but that will be hard for you. If you choose that direction then you will have to promote your products or other people's products (don't worry, there's a training on how to accomplish that) on the social media networks.

The advantage of having a website is that after some time(usually a year or two) you can stop working on it and still have a passive income every month.

"Unfortunately, somehow I became comfortable with playing game and other entertainment stuff. As the result, I haven't post a single content since December 2015, which is over 6 months ago!" - Edy

As a Free Member you will be able to build 2 free website instead of 50 as a Premium member. We will talk later about both memberships.

You can build your website at WA in 30 seconds.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides you free hosting. Doesn't matter if you choose to be a free member or a premium member.

So after we choose our topic, we built the website and write some content we will need to monetize it in order to gain income.

WA provides lots of training on this topic.

Basically, thise is how WA works. Kyle helps you to select your website's theme, it shows you step by step how to build a website and it explains you how to monetize it and how to further develop it.



Doesn't request any credit card information at any moment.

Therefore there's no way that they can steal your money or anything like that.

 Free membership for lifetime

Don't want to upgrade to premium membership?

Stay as a free member as long as you want. 

They won't terminate your account as long as you respect their terms and conditions.

2 completely free websites with free host

So you already have free membership for lifetime.

Guess what?

They also offer to host for you 2 websites as a free member for as long as you want. Only you can decide if you want to delete your websites. Only you have access to your websites.

Keyword research tool

As a free member you can have access to 30 keyword searches .

However, if you upgrade to Premium Membership you have access to unlimited searches.

Build a website in 30 seconds!

You heard that right!

Thought that building a website will take you forever?

Surprise! It only takes you 30 seconds and it comes up with a variety of themes from which to choose.

Live & Interactive Help!

Even at 5 am in the morning!

Mainly due to the fact that it has a large community with over 800,000 registered Entrepreneurs. 

You get access to Industry's Experts & Millionaires.

Whenever you need help just ask on the Live chat and in less than 3 minutes somebody already helps you out.

Other significant advantages:

  • Affiliate Bootcamp;
  • Getting Started Training (the process is completely SIMPLIFIED!);
  • Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses;
  • 12+ Full, Interactive Classrooms;
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting;
  • A strict spam free environment.;
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)


Community too friendly.

Never considered that friendliness might be a disadvantage?

Due to this friendly community you might lose focus and you can start to chat with people for hours. This bad habit will keep you away from creating content on your website, therefore is must be avoided as much as you can.

Overwhelming information.

There is a lot of information to cover and most likely you won't achieve too much without help.

Imagine yourself in a ocean of information.  Having that much information at your disposal is great but if you don't know from where to get started it will definitely cost you a lot of time.

That's why I suggest you take a look at My Online Business Guide.

Having high expectations.

A lot of people join the website with the thought that they will get $5,000 in the first month.

That is never gonna happen unless you  already have a website has a high audience.


As Dom said in his success blog story, it is important to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment.

You can earn as much as you invest. However, if you invest only 20 minutes a week, don't expect to quit your job soon.


  • Live Chat

You know those website forums where you get stuck and you answer a question and you have to wait for 2 days or more until someone gives helps you out?

Wealthy affiliate is not the case.

Live chat is a powerful tool of this community. With a community of over 800,000 members, there will always be more experienced users, some of them with over 6-7-8 years of experience, who will help you. Once you ask a question here, someone will help you out in less than 5 minutes.

Ask about anything that comes into your mind!

This is the best way to do progress with your website. Don't be afraid, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Remember, no one was born an expert.

Here is an example:

screenshot_3                       screenshot_4

So my question was how to insert a Youtube video on my page and within 4 minutes, 3 people already tried to help me out.

Don't be too afraid to ask. There is no such thing as a dumb question.

  • Website Builder

Wealthy affiliate provides you with a tool for website building. It is free for both types of membership to use.

It only takes you about 30 seconds in order to build a new website.

In order to access it, you have to go to the left menu, click on the Site Rubix blue button and when it pops up you have to click on Site Builder button.

After clicking the following page will be opened

As I said before, as a free member you have access to only 2 free websites.

A premium member has access to 50 websites.

Don't panic! You can have success with only one website!!

  • Keyword tool

Keyword tool is a powerful asset of Wealthy Affiliate. With this feature, you can find what words you can use when writing content.

You can find it on the left side of the screen.

You can see how many people have the same keywords on their website and you can form an idea of what your next topic will be about.

More about Keyword tool you can read here.

  • Site feedback

Site feedback is another important feature of Wealthy Affiliate.

Basically you can ask the community to take a look at your website and to tell you what you're doing wrong. They will also come up with suggestions for improvement and sometimes they will offer you ideas for new content.

In order to access it, you have to go to the left menu and click on the blue Site Rubix button. Once it pops up, click on the Site Feedback button.

This is an excellent feature in case you are a beginner or you find yourself stuck. The more experimented members will analyze your website and after that, they will give you a 500+ words review in which they tell you how you can improve your website.

  • Site comments.

Not as powerful as the Site feedback tool, Site comments allows you to receive comments on a page you created from other community members.

You can access it by going to the left menu and click on the blue Site Rubix button. Once it pops up click on Site comments button.

Let's say that you write an article and you're not quite sure how good it is. In  this scenario you can request comments from the tool and people will tell you what they enjoyed reading and what can be improved in your article.

It's still a powerful tool at the beginning until you get used to writing articles.


Once you registered, you can start your lessons by clicking on the green button "Getting Started" which can be found up, in the left corner.

In this course you will have 10 free lessons where you will start to understand better the whole affiliate marketing concept, how to choose a niche, how to build your own website and how important is to create quality content on your website.


Don't worry! Kyle's video tutorials are easy to understand.

Kyle will show videos of himself while building a new website from scratch, in order to allow you to follow his exactly steps. You can watch him how he does it and follow his steps after the video finishes or you can pause the video and perform the same tasks at the same time with him.

After each lesson you will have a few tasks to complete(see image 1). Do not cheat and   skip  to the next lesson. There are no shortcuts for success!

Furthermore, if you still have any questions, you will have a discussion section at the end of the page. There, you can ask anything related to the specific lesson(see image below).


Image 1.

Affiliate Bootcamp

You also have access to course 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp. This is a course where Kyle teaches you how you can earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I haven't yet started this course yet and I hope I will begin it next week.


Community tutorials

Premium members are allowed to create any kind of posts. From asking questions, to making posts about their success and even to make their own step by step tutorial on a different topic.

However, a free member still has access to lots of questions and blogs. There are a few blogs and training tutorials which are available only for Premium users.


Live chat

Unfortunately free members will have access to this feature only in the first 7 days after registering.  You can still get help by creating Questions and Blogs.

The best thing about Free memberships is for Life Time.
So if we draw a line we have the following advantages as a free member:
  • Free membership for life;
  • It doesn't require any credit card details!!;
  • 2 free websites;
  • Website hosting;
  • Access to Getting Started tutorial;
  • Access to Affiliate Bootcamp;
  • Access to community blogs and tutorials.

But wait

I'm gonna help you and give you the opportunity to take a peak into the premium membership facilities  for free.

Consider this as a bonus from me to you.

If you decide to sign up right now, I'll give you the possibility to have a premium membership for free for 7 days!
I promise you, there is no catch.

Click below in order to redeem your bonus and to began your 7 days of free premium membership.



The best advice that I can give you is to stay as a free member and when you have less than 5 hours to choose either to upgrade or not to premium membership. Your account can have any currency, it doesn't matter.  But make sure you have enough money and keep in mind to have like 20-25 $ into account due to the bank conversion commission. That's only for those that have an account in a different account currency than dollars.

In my case, I remember that there were only 2 hours left when I wanted to upgrade to Premium and I already experienced the benefits and I decided to go for it. So I inserted the card details and discovered that I didn't have enough money on my card. So, I drove to the bank and I managed to upgrade to premium in the last 30 minutes before the offer would expire.

Wealthy Affiliate as Premium Membership

Once you decide to become a premium member, in the first minutes you will receive a PM from Kyle with a tutorial of all the features which are available for you now.

You have now access to 5 courses and each of them will contain 10 lessons.  I'm currently on Course 5  and I gained a large variety of knowledge.


Those courses are only to develop your business.

After you upgrade to Premium you also have access to more courses from Affiliate Bootcamp. There are 7 courses, each of them consisting 10 lessons.


You also gain unlimited chat. You can chat all day and all night with the community.

Now you can PM whoever you want. From that guy which posted his success in getting 5,000$ a month to even Kyle and Carson.

Instead of 2 free websites now you can have up to 25 free websites. And if you want your own domain you can purchase up to 25. So, therefore, you can have up to 50 websites at the same time.

While building your website you can choose from a larger variety of themes.

You have non-stop assistance.

Therefore, when we draw a line, the premium membership has the following advantages:

Also if it happens that you want to upgrade to yearly and it is almost Black Friday keep patience because they will offer a high discount.

*Psst: $49 a month is too much for you? Click here in order to see how you can have the Premium Membership for Free.

How much can you earn

There isn't an exact limit to how much you can earn from a website. There are two main factors that decide how much you will earn:

  • The amount of hard work that you're willing to invest in creating content and in promoting your website on the social media networks.


  • Your creativity. If you have almost the same content and the same strategy as everyone else, you probably won't make it too far. If you came with something unique, it will definitely increase your chances to earn more.

Average people tend to earn around 3,000$ to 4,000$ after a year and a half. Of course, there are many members that earn over 5-6-10 or even 20 k a month. It all depends on how much are you really to struggle.

Here are a few success stories of community members:


There is really no limit to the amount of money that a person can earn. If you don't give up and you will struggle hard, perhaps you will share your own success story with other WA members.

Well most of them might have over 7 years of experience. As a newbie it won't be possible for me to earn that much.

Indeed, many member who achieve over 10k a month have years of experience. However, with time you will also start to gain experience and see how things work. If you decide to upgrade to Premium membership, you can even track down those people and send them PM and ask them where you are doing wrong. Don't worry, most of them succeeded after failing a lot of times. They followed the same track that you will follow!

You can find more success stories by clicking on Activity Dashboard on the left menu. Once you clicked on it, make sure that you are on the Success tab.

 Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWS

Read More Wealthy Affiliate Tips: Wealthy Affiliate Tips

Final Word

What can be better than a community where you can build and host 2 websites and stay as a permanent member at a total price of 0$?

As a conclusion, I don't want to force you to upgrade to premium membership, but I encourage you to create your own free account and to start building your own website. I also advise you to exploit the live chat in the first 7 days. Really ask any questions that come up to your mind. Anything at all, don't be afraid.

Once again, if you find the Premium membership price to be too high, then click here to see how you can obtain it for free.

Oh and remember that guy who made from 0 to 10k in three years?

Now he has his own online business with over 100 employees. Read his full story here.

Got any other unanswered questions? Type them down in the comment box and I'll respond them as fast as I can!

58 thoughts on “#1 Recommendation

  1. Excellent post.
    Wealthy Affiliate changed my life for the better. This awesome program changed the way I see money and helped me on path to doubling my income over the past year or so. Would highly recommend.

  2. Hey Andrei; Just went through your website. Looks to me that you done a pretty good job. Very complete and informative when it comes to WA. The site in my opinion has good flow, you don’t have to jump all over the place to get info.Other than a few language mistakes[and we all make them] i though it was well done. Good job.

    1. Ha Ha

      Hi, Elrot!

      Well, thank you for your feedback. It’s true, I have some problems with my English writing skill but I’m preparing because soon, in a few months I will take an English exam in order to move to London. Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it!

  3. Andrei, this is a great post. I am a proud premium member of WA (Wealthy Affiliate) and can vouch for this platform. My knowledge of internet marketing was non-existent BEFORE I joined WA and I can say in all honesty that it is the BEST support to start and maintain your online business.

  4. This is a great review on wealthy affiliate and I can see that you have covered everything! I am certainly a lot happier since I joined and I am working hard towards my dreams. You just have to push on past the point where most people would give up, then, and only then will you succeed.

    1. Hi Emma! Thank you very much for your comment. I hope that you will find the motivation to reach your dreams.

      Best regards,


  5. Great post!

    I have been looking for ways to make money in my spare time for a number of years now and have come across so may different courses that you can’t see the wood from the trees.

    I am definitely interested in checking out the free membership to give it a try and thanks for all the great information in your post.

    1. Hello, Martin!

      Thank you for your interest. Stay as a free member for as much time as you want! Learn new things and develop your website into a successful online business. If you have any problems at all, make sure to ask me and I will promptly respond to you!



  6. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a promising and rewarding platform, does this mean it’s “too good to be true”? From my personal experience this is one of the best places to start and grow your own affiliate marketing niche. I have tried doing it on my own, without help, and it’s difficult – the wealth of knowledge, step-by-step programs, and mentor ship that is available is not only staggering, but an incredible help as I create my own success.

    – Nehpets

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to start your online business. Not just because it provides you 2 websites and free hosting but because there are so many experience millionaire Entrepreneurs who share their teachings with anyone who asks them. There are also a lot of people who can help you out with any website problem. There are many people there with over 8 years of experience. That’s why I choose to become a part of the community.

      Best Wishes,


  7. Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the best place to earn money online. The owners (Kyle; Carson) are active in interaction within the community.

    I believe that I will give it a try, after all the joining fee is $0 right?

    The Community seems to be very supportive and willing to help others out.

    Keep up the good work! Continue living your dreams.

    1. Hey, Dairyn!

      On the long term, WA is definitely the wisest option. Imagine owning 2 different websites on topics that you like, for example, your hobbies and earning money from them. And the best part is that it won’t cost you not a single dime.

      Make sure to abuse as much as you can the live chat in all those 7 days you get, and for any other questions feel free to ask me on my website! 🙂

      Kind regards,


  8. Hi Andrei,

    It looks like you’ve got a great website here, your content is clearly laid out and easy to understand. I joined the Wealthy Affiliate programme myself back in November last year and I’m still working my way through the training. I hadn’t realised the saving you could make by upgrading to yearly, so I will be looking into that.
    Best Wishes, Sarah

    1. Hey, Sarah!

      Investing in WA is clearly a clever thing. The yearly seems a little expensive but if you think about it, it will cost you only 1 $ a day for a whole year. Too bad that’s February, you could save, even more, money if you had decided to upgrade to yearly during the Black Friday! 😀

      Best regards,


  9. Hello, Andrei!
    I read your post with interest. I am a newbie in WA but it really is a great site, isn’t it?! So much good information, courses and lessons! How long time are you in WA?
    Best wishes,
    Liene G.

    1. Hi, Liene!

      WA is truly a place of opportunity. You can learn something new every day.

      I am for almost 5 months there now and I’m starting to realise that I still have a lot of things to learn about.

      If you are at the very beginning and you already know what your website will be about I recommend you to start with Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

      If you have any questions you can ask me.

      1. Thanks for your fast reply, Andrei.
        I like what you mention in WA cons: “Due to this friendly community you might lose focus and starting chatting with people.” It’s really great place and I like to chat not only about technical things but just about random stuff.
        Thank you for a recommendation, I am learning courses – here is so much useful information about what I didn’t know before.

        1. You’re welcome Liene!

          I think the best way to handle your business is to be great at time management. You should allow yourself a few short breaks from hour to hour but you must stay strict to the program and once your break is over you should continue the work from where you left.

          I believe that I will soon make a post about time management since I need one too :).

          It’s great to chat with everyone and build your network but that won’t pay your business any good.

          Since you just joined can you tell me some of the disadvantages from your perspective such that I will put them in the post?

          Thank you very much!

          Best wishes,


  10. Great review of WealthyAffiliate. I am also a member and can personally attest to many of the things you have outlined and reviewed here. I love the community of support that WealthyAffiliate offers. It’s very motivational and inspiring. I hope you stick with it and keep the good content coming!

    Best of luck!

    1. Hello Helder!

      Thank you very much for your comment!

      I try to stay strict to the truth. As a fellow member, what do you think that the main disadvantages of WA are?

  11. Hi there that’s a great Wealthy Affiliate review, Wealthy Affiliate is really a great program and it can teach even idiots how to start an online business.

    They have so many features thanks for sharing this review and have a great day!

    1. Hi Anis!

      You’re right! WA is for everyone. I even remember that I saw even a few 15 y.o. who were having their own online business.

      As a fellow WA member do you mind to share a few of the CONS of WA for the new incomers to have another’s person opinion on WA disadvantages?

      1. To be honest, there are no major cons like catches or hidden costs, everything is clear but If I must share a few cons they would be the live chat it’s addictive and can waste your time.

        There is too much information that can be overwhelming.

        That’s all Wealthy Affiliate is really awesome not many programs like this online!

  12. Hey!
    This post is very informative and easy to read. I’ve just started my own journey now in WA and I can definitely agree with you. Your website looks good as well!! 🙂

    Best of luck!

    1. Hi Kerty!

      You chose the right path. Sure, you won’t get rich overnight but if you struggle and have patience you will achieve greatness.

      Wish you luck,


  13. Andrei, a great article. In depth and informative. I like how you built your article up through the various stages.
    Keep up your good work here.
    Best wishes, Francis.

  14. That is a very good post on Wealthy Affiliate. They are one of the best online university which teaches you how to earn money online. The courses are exhaustive and easy to understand. With Wealthy Affiliate your success is guaranteed. Excellent post and thank you for introducing it to me.

    1. Hi Jed!

      Thank you for believing in me. I’m glad that you liked my description and decided to join them! Whenever you have a question, make sure to ask me.

  15. Great review Andrei! I’m a member of WA too and I feel you’ve mentioned all the important aspects of what the program is about. It’s a great platform for anyone who’s interested in starting and affiliate marketing business, and working from home.

    What’s your favourite thing about WA?

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Well, there might be a lot of websites which provide training, but if you don’t have a “structure” to follow then you’re just wasting your time on them. Imagine just having access to all the information that you need but not knowing the order of how to apply them. Kyle’s tutorials provide you very detailed this frame. I also enjoy the keyword tool and all the help that I receive from live chat.I ask around 10-15 questions on a daily basis.

  16. Way to go in depth regarding the pros and cons. I really appreciate all the looks inside the program. I understand it is free to get started, but I am always even hesitant at that. After all, my time is worth something. But Wealthy Affiliate seems worth my time. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Greg!

      Thank you for your comment. Well, I want to keep visitors like you informed. I’m not here to scam you. I put all the facts on the table such that you will now what you’re stepping in. WA is worthy of your time but keep in mind that you only succeed if you don’t give up. Keep it going and in your darkest hours contact me and I’ll help you!



  17. Wealth affiliate looks great and it is just important that it is free at the begninning so we can have the taste of what is coming next. With that I wonder about security about hosting. Is it good does it protect from spams and other threats?

  18. Hi Andrei, this is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate program where you describe how you can make your free web page, how the community and chat works, the courses which are a lot. With all much content and motivation from the community seems to be easy to make money online in the long run with this program if we have the drive and focus. Thank you for the review.

  19. Terrific job! I can only echo the positive thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate. I joined in June of 2006 and upgraded my membership to an annual membership in November. I’m very, very grateful to be a part of the community.

    I got a kick out of how you noted the possibility of being distracted by interacting with other members as a potential “con.” I agree, but also feel like it could be viewed as a “pro” as well – the people inside WA are very real & very helpful. But you’re right: there’s a lot of work to do so it’s best to stay focused!

    Keep up the great work and good luck.


    1. Hi Kevin!

      From that point of view, you’re right.However, the problem comes when your “small chat” exceeds more than 5 minutes. I recommend to everyone that once they get their answer to close the live chat and continue with their business. In the beginning, I used to hang out on chat and answer different questions. Most of the days I ended up doing nothing. So just ask a question or 2 and get back to work until you face another problem.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Wish you the best,


  20. Great review Andrei,
    You have covered all the major points of why Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to come to and learn how to build a website and make money online. It’s easy once you have done the training to promote products and services that others need help with. I consider this place a little bit of heaven on earth.

    1. Hi, Peter!

      WA can be considered as heaven on earth. However, it still has its flaws. Due to the high amount of information, if you don’t get a mentor it will be harder for you to improve your business.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Kind regards,


  21. Great outline, seems almost too good to be true, the chart I find really helpful in making the comparisons and the pros and cons are so important to know before you venture into something new, great outline of what’s involved, it will help, thanks

  22. I have seen Wealthy Affiliate before (years ago) and even signed up but never did anything with it. This time I am determined and I will not give up. That was always my problem before. I get frustrated and give up. Your review of the company and the community is great.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Katie!

      Just have patience with yourself and with time you will succeed. I recommend you to make a few friends on WA and to compete with each other and by the end of each week to see what you’ve all succeeded. Also, try to find a mentor and use the WA’s tool of site feedback, it might come in handy.

      Remember, in the hours with the greatest doubt, just take a moment and remind yourself why have you began this journey.

      Wish you luck,


  23. My greatest ever investment for the past year would be Wealthy Affiliate. I’m tired of getting upsells from other programs and Wealthy Affiliate offered nothing but top quality training programs and resources with no hidden charges.

    1. Hi Kenny!

      Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, WA offers top quality at the lowest price (0$).

      Thank you for stopping by!

      See you soon,


  24. You are right on the money with this post. Everything you stated about WA is so true. Thank you for the great information.

    Thanks Again,

  25. Wow, Some of these people seem to be earning a lot of money from this website. How long do you think it takes on average to see income coming in. Not huge amounts like you have posted here but just some money. On average if you go through bootcamp what percent of people actually pay for a membership if you have referred them?

    1. I can’t tell you an exact amount of time. It depends on how much you work and how good is your niche. Indeed, there are people that after 1 year they haven’t earned a single dime and there are people that earned their first $ in less than a month. Most of the people fail because they have too high expectations. They believe that if you work only 10 minutes or 20 a week, they will earn 1,000$ a day. That is impossible, at least in the first year. Other people fail due to impatience. They expect results in the first 2 months and when they see that nothing is happening, they give up. Before you enrol to WA, you have to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment. In the first 5 months, Google won’t even consider showing your website in the first 2 google pages mainly due to the fact that they want to see that you’re a serious individual that will write content on weekly bases. They won’t drive people to your website in the first months to realise that you gave up on your website and you don’t work at it anymore. There are studies that show that 1 out of 8 peoples that register, will upgrade to a Premium membership. However, if you want to be more pessimistic you can assume that 1 out of 12 people will upgrade.

  26. I do fully agree with the points that you make in this post. As a member of WA for about 1 month plus, I find that WA has instilled a rich content on the methods of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. They had a weekly webinar prepared by Jay who can deliver a crisp lecture on the important stuff that would help to boost traffic to your webpage. Now, my website starts having more and more traffic and I start earning money. All thanks to WA’s dedication and consistent effort. Well done!

    1. Hello Simlulan!

      Glad to hear that after 1 month you’ve seen results! Keep on working. Try to seek ways of improvement by studying your competitors. Work hard and you will see more and more results. If you ever have a question about WA/IM/Content development, I am here!

  27. I love your ” How to get index” it is a well written article. 500-700 words is an ideal for a post for each article. thanks for sharing. Also the google plus account.

    1. Hello Jamin!

      Well I actually have to update that article a bit. I just changed the domain of this website and in less than 25 hours, my website got indexed! Stick around and make sure to check the article again in the following days!!

  28. Wow, there is a lot of valuable information in this, thank you! Looks like WA is a really good site. I hope i can earn some money on this site.

    1. Greetings Samantha!

      This is wrong. Wealthy Affiliate won’t give you money by being a member of it. You have to build and further develop your Online Business in order to earn some money from it. Of course, you can use the affiliate system, but that won’t bring you much money without having a highly developed website.

  29. What a great and nice explanation that what WA is I get a lot of knowledge from your review. I want to join WA but I had doubt that WA is a scam or legit? And lastly, I found your site and read your review about WA so now my doubt is clear and hope I will see you inside in WA. Thanks

    1. Greetings Junaid!

      I know that this review is pretty big, it actually has over 6800 words :)), but I tried to cover all aspect of Wealthy Affiliate in order to bring you and to my visitors the most honest review! I am glad that you enjoyed reading it :D.

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