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REV transcription job

If you are looking for online transcription jobs then I suggest you to take a look at this Rev transcription job. I currently work here and this is all I have to say about the job.



Name: Rev
Website: www.Rev.com
Price: 0$
Owner: Early oDesk
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100
Who it’s for: Intermediate – Advanced


Rev.com is a website which provides a variety of services for people all around the world. Basically, if someone has a recorded tape and wants to transcribe it in order to have the whole discussion in front of their eyes, they submit it to Rev.

Rev also provides services for captioning: Let’s say that if you have a video and want it subtitled(for deaf people to understand what is happening in the video or for people who don’t understand well English) and also for the subtitles to be synced in the video, you can submit your video to them.

Moreover, jobs like translations and other vacancies are also available at Rev.com

As they say: “Rev’s mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home. We are bringing the best of the office to our online workplace. We believe that attracting the best workers is the key to delivering great service to our customers.


Working for Rev has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can work from home.
  • You can work at any hour you like.
  • You have a variety of projects.
  • Every payment is paid every week on Monday via Paypal.
  • You can earn up to 1500$ per month.


  • The admission test is hard if you are not a non-native.
  • If you have many errors on your projects, your account will be terminated.
  • Sometimes, you might have to choose only from the worst projects.
  • Doesn’t  have an affiliate program.
Who is it for?

Rev.com is for those who have very good skills in both listening and writing in English.

Before you began, you have to take an online test and after you submit it, you will receive an e-mail in less than 3 working days with their final decision. I have to warn you that only a small portion of applicants (10%) get accepted, so take your time and review your admission test very carefully.

All the Freelancing jobs are involving to listen to what people say on a podcast and to transcribe it in the written format.

When I first got accepted, I thought that listening to what people have to say and to transcribe it, it was a pretty easy job. Boy, I was wrong!

There are two main disadvantages you might experience:

  • A person might have a foreign heavy accent such that you won’t be able to understand what they are saying. You know those Indian accents? Or Pakistani people or from other regions? That’s right. As a beginner, you will rarely put your hands on a tape from an English native.


  • Besides the heavy accent, you might also stumble across projects with poor audio quality. There are many projects with people who talk at a lower volume or have large amounts of background noises that will make your work a nightmare.

You can also stumble across projects in which you will have to transcribe a group conference and you will have to write what everyone says.  Just imagine when there are 2 to 4 people speaking at the same time.

Sure, there are plenty of projects to choose from and the platform has a function to memorise who are your favourite customers.


There are a few training tools to prepare you for your first project.

I can only show you for the Transcriptionist position since that’s where I’ve been accepted.

Their resources include a Transcription tutorial, an Editor Demo, a Transcription Style Guild, some Practice Jobs and a forum with all sorts of topics. Also in tutorials, are provided with some grammar lessons in order to help you with punctuation.



Their support is quite good. For example, I usually have some words that I can’t understand.

They have a special section in the forum called “Lend an ear”, where freelancers ask for help with those words. Usually, someone helps you in less than 10 minutes. Your post is opened for other people to comment for 30 minutes. However, if you didn’t receive any help, you can ask them again.

Earning potential


There are 4 memberships at transcribing at Rev.

After you submitted your work, they will send you an e-mail, usually in less than 3 working days and they will automatically assign you to the first position that is Rookie.

There are 4 levels: Rookie, Reever, Reever+ and Grader.

There is no gap at which how much money you can earn from Rev. As I researched their forum, I found out that back in 2015, people could earn around $500 per week. In 2016, they made an update and from $500 experienced user might earn somewhere between $300-400 a week.


Don’t worry, this is only an average earning of the employees. Those are usually the people who work under 10 hours a month.

The Rookies can earn somewhere between 0.32-0.6 per minute per project. So let’s say that if you will have a project with 30 minutes and a 0,50 pay then you will receive 15$ after you complete it.

But I have to warn you. A project will take you, in the beginning approximately 10 times more to complete it. So the work for a project of 30 minutes will take you approximately 300 minutes of actual work. Of course, with time, once you get used to it, it will take less and less. For example, I saw an individual who stated that for a project of 10 minutes will usually take him 20-25 minutes to complete. Both writing and reviewing it.

After you complete your project, you have to submit it and a Grader will take it and will grade you on your performance.


All the grades from all your projects are stored and based on them you can be further promoted to Reever or your account will be exterminated if you don’t reach the requirements before 100 minutes.


Luckily for both me and you, there are simple projects of 3-4 minutes. They have an average deadline of 2 hours in order to complete, review and submit them. Those projects can sky-rock your metrics.

Note that the metrics are the average of all projects and are not influenced by the total amount of minutes that a project has.

Also, as a Rookie, after you submit each project, you will get feedback from a Grader. They will have to check at least half of your project and they will point out every mistake that you made and will give you advice on how to improve your accuracy and format.


In order to become a Reever, you are required to have the following:

  • More than 60 minutes transcribed;
  • 4.40 accuracy;
  • 75% on-time submission;
  • 8 commitment ratio.

Now that you met the requirements, you will get paid 25% more for each project you select.

It depends only on you how fast you can get promoted to it. For example, if you are unemployed or you are on a holiday, you can easily become a Reever in less than a week.

However, you still face some problems. If your metrics fall below 4.2, you risk having your account terminated. If you get in this scenario, probably the best thing to do is to take the easiest projects and to complete as many of them in order to get 5/5 grades.


Reever+ is one of the highest levels of this pyramid. It is difficult to achieve it, but it is worthy.

If you have been working for a while at Rev, you will see that all your projects have an age of 3 hours or more. Those are reserved especially for the Reever+ level. They get to select the easiest projects and earn money in the easiest way.

In order to become a Reever+ you are required to meet the following conditions:

For the last 30 graded jobs achieve:

  • 4.6 accuracy
  • 4.6 formatting

For the last 120 days achieve:

  • 90% on-time submission
  • 15 commitment ratio
  • 1200 minutes transcribed

I am not sure how fast you can become a Reever+. If you really work on it, a wild guess of mine will be that it will take you at least a month and a half. However, since I didn’t constantly worked here, I can’t appreciate it very well. It depends very much on how determined you are and how much time you can dedicate to Rev.

In order to measure it, suppose that the first 50 minutes it will take you 10x longer to complete them. That will mean that it will take you 500 minutes of actual work.

Now for the next 50 minutes, will take you around x5 more. That means 250 minutes.

Let’s say that your time improves more and more and by the time you achieved the next 100 minutes and it will take you only x2 more to transcribe and review your work. Therefore, you will have 1100 minutes = 2200 minutes of work.

If we draw a line, you will get a total of 2950 minutes of actual work. This means approximately 49 hours of actual work. Now if you spend 1 hour each day, it will take you a month and 19 days. This is possible only if you meet the conditions.


The grader is the peak of the pyramid. They earn by far the most and they have the highest experience.

There is a separate test that you will have to take to become a Grader. However, I heard that only when they need new Graders, they will contact them personally on their e-mail and ask them.

Work flow

The work flow means how many projects are available at any moment. Since they don’t have contracts, the work flow is influenced by their advertisers and their reputation.

When I first joined, in January, there were around 100-200 projects on a daily base. Right now, in March, they started to have around 5-20 projects available at each time of the day, from Sunday to Wednesday. Usually, from Thursday to Saturday there are over 100 projects available.

This limits your income since you will have access only to the poor quality projects as a Rookie. Best thing is to take time off and to try to work at Rev from Wednesday until Sunday since then you will be able to get decent projects. In other days you can try other sources of income that I review here.

Payment Proof


Rev Paypal Payment proof 2017

Rev com payment proof

Summarized Overview

Name: Rev.com
Website: www.Rev.com
Price: 0$
Owner: Early oDesk
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100
Who it’s for: Intermediate – Advanced



If you are in a desperate need of money it is okay, to begin with Rev. This is usually a temporary job. It won’t assure you a future. For me, it’s a great job since they advertise that you can earn $1500 a month whilst my country’s minimum wage is around 350$.

Another disadvantage is that you’ll never be sure if tomorrow you will still have the job. Maybe you missed a few words and a Grader lowered you accuracy or formatting score. Once you obtain under 4.2, your account will be deactivated. Therefore, it is a very stressful job and if you are not in a desperate need of money I wouldn’t recommend it.

However, if you have some money to survive in the following months, then I encourage you to build your own online business.

Don’t worry, it requires 0$ investment and the main advantage is that if you work really hard, you will be able to have a passive full-time income. Don’t worry about the lack of experience, I will explain it to you, step by step, how to manage to build it. Click here to discover more about how you could build a website and learn more about how to create your own business.

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

17 thoughts on “REV transcription job

  1. I suppose it offers a better option than other jobs out there, specially if you need some money to make ends meet. It will not be any worse than some zero hour contracts so popular at the moment.
    One question, do you have to take all the jobs they give you, or can you say no to some without affecting your commitment score?

    1. Greetings Hisbel!

      No, you have the choice to listen to the whole audio tape and decide if you want to claim it or not. After you claimed it, you will have one free hour to check how hard is the project. If anywhere in that hour you realise that the project is too difficult for you, you can unclaim it with no penalties. However, if the hour passes and you decide to unclaim it, you will suffer penalties.

  2. Very thorough review. I enjoyed reading it. I think I’ll pass on it only because I don’t quite have the time to site through heavy accents at the moment! lol Building websites is where it’s at for me 🙂

    Nice review man. Keep it up!

    1. Greetings Eric!

      Well, this is an alternative to earn money until your website starts to produce revenue :D. It doesn’t have any affiliate link so I won’t get any commission if someone registers. I just put it for those people that have to start it from the scratch. Building websites it is great, but it requires to have some money before you can monetize it or sell it.

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing this awesome review, this sounds like a real winner the only thing it same is to make sure that you are delivering the best. This really is great and I am sure that your readers will be interested in what you are sharing in this post. This and awesome program to make that needed cash.

    1. Greetings Norman!

      Well, yeah… this is the only catch, to not get under that 4.2 score. However, there are some projects that offer the lowest money and are the easiest to complete. You can complete those projects in order to assure you high ratings and from time to time, you can take a more difficult one in order to earn more money.

  4. Hey Andrey
    A interesting option you show here. What do you mean by native? I am looking to make some income at home, I live in Thailand and am Swiss. Do you think I have a chance?

    1. Hi, Stefan!

      Well, by native I am referring to those people that were born in English speaking countries. Well, it will be pretty hard at first, but fortunately for you and all the new incomers, you will have 100 transcribing minutes at your disposal to improve your English skills. If you don’t reach the minimum amount of Metrics after reaching 100 transcribed minutes, your account will be terminated. I would recommend you to start by taking projects between 2-5 minutes and not to venture yourself in projects of 20-25 minutes. There is no difference from a mark from a project of 20 minutes and one of 2 minutes. The grades weight the same value. Therefore, by taking more projects it will assist you in improving your English skills and even if you get a mark of 3 or 2 on a project, you would still have around 19 more projects to score a better mark(if you select projects of 5 minutes).

  5. This is great. A guy recently told me to use rev.com to transcribe vidoes into blog posts.. Did you use rev.com to write a post about rev.com?! Lol.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Hi Kyle!

      Well, I am not that savage yet :D. I have only used it to earn money from other people that needed transcription for their videos. I believe that you could save more money by hiring a website content writer than to publish your video at Rev. You can hire a decent content writer with $5 per 1000 words article whilst at Rev, you will have to pay at least $1 per 1 audio minute. That’s the charge only for transcribing if you want to get your video captioned as well, I believe it would cost you a lot more.

      I don’t practice those methods yet, but I believe that after I will create more than 300 posts/pages combined, I will hire one in order to develop a new website.

  6. Rev sounds like a great place to make some money on the side but I’m very concerned about the number of hours one as to commit. My typing speed’s not great and the learning curve just sounds really expensive. Between doing this and doing website testing or affiliate blogging, which would you say makes more sense?

    1. Hi, Joshua!

      Rather than choosing one, I suggest you to do them both. Having a website and promoting affiliate marketing is a long term investment. Working at Rev will give you instant results. Therefore, you can work at Rev and generate an instant income until your website will start to generate the passive income :).

  7. Most of the audio is terrible quality, but you need to pick these ones if you want to stand a chance of making any money, and even then it feels like slave labour You’ll spend all day doing it for an absolute pittance and god help you if they review the file and there’s so much as a comma out of place. It’s alright if you need a little cash as a one off, but I feel sorry for people trying to make a living using it.

    1. Hi, Simulacra!

      Well, indeed as a newbie, it may be pretty difficult for you to put your hands on an audio that has a great quality. However, I remember back in the day that I there was this American lady who always submitted vlogs of 5 minutes with a perfect quality. Indeed, the payout was small, but it only took you about 10-15 minutes to transcript what she was talking about.

      All of the videos with good quality are usually claimed by the Reever+ users. 🙂 Since for them, the videos appear with a few hours before they appear for the new members. But if you work your way through those poor audios, you will get there :).

  8. I was wondering about where to go to find transcribing jobs. This sounds good, but it does seem to have low pay. I can see it would be good if you can pick the easier jobs if you can find them to get your score up and ensure you don’t get deactivated. Your review is honest and has peaked my interest.

    1. Hi, Heena!

      At Rev, once you took the registration exam, you will be offered a step-by-step guide that will allow you to perform your job better :D! Best of luck!

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