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Hi, guys!

This is my honest Snuckls review. In this post, I will tell you my honest review about this method and I will also offer you my Snuckls invitation code!



Name: Snuckls
Price: Free Membership: $0 (Join Here)
Owners: Unknown( Whatsapp: +91 - 76191-21674
Overall Rank: 75.25 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Income Potential 100%
Friendly Interface 100%
Legit 100%
Winning Top Jackpot Chance
Winning Chance 1%


Snuckls is an online free lottery.  However, they require invitation in order for new members to be able to join. You can join this lottery by clicking the link above where I introduced my invitation.

How does it work?

Snuckls is a daily lottery that has daily draws. Each day they offer a different Jackpot amount. It usually varies anywhere between $400 to $700. 


In order to participate at it, you need to obtain a Ticket. In order to get a ticket you need to watch 5 Youtube videos and after you've watched, you will have to tell them from which video category does that video belong. 

You are allowed to have up to 10 entry tickets a day. Usually those videos are around 1:30 minutes. After you watched 5 videos you will need to choose 5 numbers from 0-10 and create a 5 number ticket. 


So what is the chance of getting an exact 5 numbers match? Well, if you only get yourself one entrance then you have a chance of 1 in 30,240. It is a pretty small chance, but there are people winning the lottery with a smaller chance. 

So how do they earn money in order to pay you? 

Well, I believe that they earn money providing traffic to different youtube channels. It makes sense since you have to watch 5 videos in order to get a ticket. For 10 tickets you will need to watch 50 times. Let's just take the numbers from yesterday's draw. 

There were 9151 winners. This means that there were a lot more people that participated. However, let's work with only this numbers. 

Let's assume that 9151 winners had ONLY one ticket. That means that they provided 45,755 views. However, since you have to watch 5 videos, that means they provided 9,151 views per video. 

The price for 10k views per day is usually around $10. They ask you to watch 5 videos, which means they have earned $50 if there were 10,000 entries.

They are still making profit because the chance of someone getting exact 5 numbers is 1 in 30k. The chance for someone to get 4 numbers is 1 in 5040. 


While I was carefully looking, I noticed that the jackpot starts from $400 each day. When there was 1 entry I saw that the sum increased to 400,01. That means that for each entry, the sum will increase with $0,01. Now since I haven't seen a bigger jackpot than $700, I assume that this is the gap limit. Therefore, we have:

700-400= $300*100(entrances)= 30,000 entrances.

Therefore, one video has been played 30,000 times. Since the price for 10k views is $10, that means that 30k views = $30. As I mentioned, in order to get 1 ticket you need to watch 5 videos. Therefore, we have 5* $30= $150.

Now we do not know how many tickets there are after the gap limit has been reached. However, we can say that they win $150 a day from us.

So if someone wins 4 out of 5 numbers, that will be only half of their winning, right? But what happens when someone gets 5 numbers?

A wild guess of mine, which kinda makes sens, is that the next days they will set the limit of the Jackpot at $400 or $500. That way, they will still probably get over $150, but what we earn is heavily diminished in order for them to get on profit.   

It is a very small chance for them to lose money. There will have to be somebody that will guess all 5 numbers each day for a month.


  • It is easy to participate. You only have to understand what the video is about and to match the video category.
  • You can earn $497 a day( 71% of $700).
  • Worldwide lottery.


  • It is a very small chance to win the Top Jackpot.


 Snuckles is available worldwide. The minimum age is 18 years old. Anyone that understands English can join. You need to understand what the videos are about and to add them in a category when the video finished(see image below)



As said, if you are extremely lucky, you might earn 71% of the Jackpot value. However, this is very improbable, but there is a chance. You should not put all your hopes here. 

You should try to complete at least a ticket a day. I know I haven't, but that's because I had some problems this week. You never know what is your fate!

For additional information check the image above that says how much you get paid based on how many numbers you guessed correctly. 


Well, I think the fastest way to earn something is to hit play on the videos and do something else. In general it is enough to look a few seconds at a video to take an assumption of the video's category. 

In order to make sure that you win at least 0.25% (you hit at least 1 number), you can make 10 entrances and at each of them select a different beginning number and a different last number. That way you will always earn 0.50 of the total Jackpot.  Since you will have every beginning and ending combination. 



They have a referral program which is pretty helpful due to the fact that in order for someone to join, he has to be invited. Nobody can join without an invitation. As you can see there are 7 levels on the referral program.

level 1: invited by you (commission 50%)

level 2: invited by level 1 (commission 10%)​​

level 3: invited by level 2 (commission 10%)

level 5: invited by level 4 (commission 10%)

level 6: invited by level 5 (commission 5%)

level 7: invited by level 6 (commission 5%)

This means that if you invite one person and that person invites another one and so on until the sixth persons invites someone else, you will get your commission.

*This commission is applied when one of those referrals wins. 


Depending on your demographics, you can cash out on different forms. If you choose the Worldwide option, then it allows you to cash out via Paypal. The minimum payout is $0.020.

If you are from America, then you can choose to cash out gift cards for Amazon($1), Walmart($5), Target($5) and Paypal($0.020). For those of you from UK, you can cash out via Amazon(0.1 pounds) or Paypal(0.020) pounds. 

*Notice that the sum in the brackets is the minimum payout sum that you have to reach in order to cash out via each option


They don't offer you any training. However, they have a very friendly interface that will assure that you won't get lost.


I haven't heard any complaints and all the reviews I've heard about them were illustrating them as a legit source as income. However, if you experience difficulties, then I suggest you to contact them via their Whatsapp number: +91- 76191-21674.

 Summarized Overview

Name: Snuckls
Price: Free Membership: $0 (Join Here)
Owners: Unknown( Whatsapp: +91 - 76191-21674
Overall Rank: 75.25 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Final word


This is a wonderful opportunity to earn money by watching the latest videos from Youtube. You need to watch 5 videos of 1.3 minutes each. There is a high diversity between the videos. You can get to watch videos of travelling, fitness, TED talk shows, rock music, rap music, hip hop etc. It is a relaxing way to sit back, take a 6.5 minutes break and to watch the latest trends on Youtube. And for this you can even earn $400 a day if you are lucky. 

The affiliate program is promising as well since no one can join uninvited! However, maybe after some time you will get lazy and you will give up on it and probably your referrals will do the same as well. 

If you like a more challenging job, then I can propose to you to start your very own Online Business. Do not worry, it will cost you absolutely NOTHING and even if you are not an expert in business or in the online medium, I can still help you! Take ACTION and click HERE to see how  you can change your life FOREVER!

4 thoughts on “Snuckls Review in 2017

  1. Hi Andrei,
    This is an interesting piece.
    If I’m reading this right then Basically snuckles is a business to send traffic to people’s you tube channels for cash and then the viewers of the videos are rewarded with an entry in to the lottery which pays out a percentage of the profits. Genius lol.
    I might have a closer look at this .

    1. Hi, Paul!

      Hmm, this is not such a great business for the owner. In my opinion, a great business will be one that will generate 300% profit each month than they are investing. I assume that they generate a profit of around 20-30%. It’s a decent business for them, but they won’t become millionaires in a year.

  2. Great review! Thank you for posting it. I checked on multiple websites, but yours is the most complex. Thanks for taking time aside and writing it down!

  3. Hi, Andrei!

    thanks for this great post! I really enjoyed reading it and I believe that your review is far more complex than the review of other people. I like your tone and I will definitely try Snuckls and other products that you review!

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