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Snuckls Review in 2017

Hi, guys!

This is my honest Snuckls review. In this post, I will tell you my honest review about this method and I will also offer you my Snuckls invitation code!


SNUCKLS Scam Review 2017 2018 Jackpot $5000


At A Glance:

Name: Snuckls
Website: www.Snuckls.com
Price: Free Membership: $0 (Join Here)
Owners: Unknown( Whatsapp: +91 – 76191-21674
Overall Rank: 75.25 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Income Potential 100%
Friendly Interface 100%
Legit 100%
Winning Top Jackpot Chance
Winning Chance 1%


Snuckls is an online free lottery.  However, they require invitation in order for new members to be able to join. You can join this lottery by clicking the link above where I introduced my invitation.

How does it work?

Snuckls is a daily lottery that has daily draws. Each day they offer a different Jackpot amount. It usually varies anywhere between $3000 to $4200. 

In order to participate at it, you need to obtain a Ticket. In order to get a ticket you need to watch 5 Youtube videos and after you’ve watched, you will have to tell them from which video category does that video belong. 

You are allowed to have up to 10 entry tickets a day. Usually those videos are between 33-95 seconds. After you watched 5 videos you will need to choose 5 numbers from 0-10 and create a 5 number ticket. 


How much can you win at Snuckls?

So what is the chance of getting an exact 5 numbers match? Well, if you only get yourself one entrance then you have a chance of 1 in 850,668. It is a pretty small chance, but there are people winning the lottery with a smaller chance. 

So how do they earn money in order to pay you? 

Well, I believe that they earn money providing traffic services to different youtube channels. It makes sense since you have to watch 5 videos in order to get a ticket. 

If we go on the main page of Snuckls, we will see the daily jackpot and the number of entries so far for the current day. 


Let’s take a closer look:  

I did a little research and I found out that the usual price for 10,000 views to a video on Youtube is around $10. 

Now each entry means that someone watched 5 videos. For example, in the image above 16488 entries means 82,440 views. That’s $80+.

How do they make profit?

They are still making profit because the chance of someone getting exact 5 numbers is 1 in 800k. The chance for someone to get 4 numbers is 1 in 111,930. 

But what happens when someone gets 5 numbers?

A wild guess of mine, which kinda makes sens, is that in the following days they will set the limit of the Jackpot between $2100- $2500. By doing that, they will increase their winning because instead of giving us 98% of $ 5500, we will only get 98% of $2500.  They need only 2-3 days for someone to not win the Jackpot and they will be back on the track. 

It is a very small chance for them to go bankrupt. There will have to be someone that will guess all 5 numbers each day for a few weeks.



  • It is easy to participate. You only have to understand what the video is about and to match the video category.
  • You can earn $5500+ in a single day.
  • Worldwide lottery.


  • It is a very small chance to win the Top Jackpot.


 Snuckles is available worldwide. The minimum age is 18 years old. Anyone that understands English can join. You need to understand what the videos are about and to add them in a category when the video finished(see image below)


As said, if you are extremely lucky, you might earn 90% of the Jackpot value. However, this is very improbable, but there is a chance. You should not put all your hopes here. 

You should try to complete at least a ticket a day. I know I haven’t, but that’s because I had some problems this week. You never know what is your fate!

At the highest jackpot until now, $ 5500, 

If you matched 2 numbers you would have won:  $ 5.5

If you matched 3 numbers you would have won: $ 22

If you matched 4 numbers you would have won: $ 82.5

If you matched 5 numbers you would have won: $ 5390


Well, I think the fastest way to earn something is to hit play on the videos and do something else. In general it is enough to look a few seconds at a video to take an assumption of the video’s category.  


They have a referral program which is pretty helpful due to the fact that in order for someone to join, he has to be invited. Nobody can join without an invitation. As you can see there are 7 levels on the referral program.

level 1: invited by you (commission 50%)

level 2: invited by level 1 (commission 10%)​​

level 3: invited by level 2 (commission 10%)

level 5: invited by level 4 (commission 10%)

level 6: invited by level 5 (commission 5%)

level 7: invited by level 6 (commission 5%)

This means that if you invite one person and that person invites another one and so on until the sixth persons invites someone else, you will get your commission.

*This commission is applied when one of those referrals wins. 


Depending on your demographics, you can cash out on different forms. If you choose the Worldwide option, then it allows you to cash out via Paypal. The minimum payout is $0.020.

If you are from America, then you can choose to cash out gift cards for Amazon($1), Walmart($5), Target($5) and Paypal($0.020). For those of you from UK, you can cash out via Amazon(0.1 pounds) or Paypal(0.020) pounds. 

*Notice that the sum in the brackets is the minimum payout sum that you have to reach in order to cash out via each option

 PAYMENT Proof: Earning money on a daily basis

*Note: From October, I’m not sure how I screwed up, but I don’t receive the “You Earned money on Snuckls” mail anymore. Even though I earn money every day, I only receive the Snuckls payout sent. You might see that there are days when I don’t have that mail. I only receive the mail in the days when I log in and cash out!


They don’t offer you any training. However, they have a very friendly interface that will assure that you won’t get lost.


I haven’t heard any complaints and all the reviews I’ve heard about them were illustrating them as a legit source as income. However, if you experience difficulties, then I suggest you to contact them via their Whatsapp number: +91- 76191-21674.


The owners of Snuckls also have a similar product called Baymack. Baymack is a daily draw where the Jackpot is won every day. Check more details here.


In order to see if you won, the first thing you need to do is to click on the bag of money which is at the top right of the screen. See image below:

How to check if you won on Snuckls 2017

Now, the first block  represents the info about the today’s draw, while the very next block represents the info of the last draw.

Take a look at step 2. If you look right under Your Tickets, it will state how much you’ve won. 

This is the total sum of money that you’ve won from all of your tickets combined.

In order to find out the winning numbers for last draw, you will need to click on the bag of money icon which is positioned at the top right of the screen. Take a look at the image below.

snuckls today winning numbers

Now, if you take a look at the second image, you will see what are the lottery numbers of the last draw.

Yes, in order to see how, click on the question from above.

Well, you will have to pay attention to the video.

As a general rule, if there is a video where people just talk or something like that it is a Vlog.

If the video looks a little thug is hip hop.

If it is the play of an instrument it is music.

If the video looks darkish and has some gothic or anything that tends to dark it is rock.

If people sing but there is nothing thug or metal in the video it is pop and if the video is focused more on love its R&B. 

I am sorry to dissapoint you, but this is litteraly impossible. 

This is because the numbers are random. I know that all of you want to earn every day the daily Jackpot, trust me I want too, but it is impossible.

It is like you want to win the lottery every time you play. There might be some people who claim to know the winning numbers for the upcomming lottery. But that is a scam. It is impossible to know what the numbers will be. 

However, from what I have saw, usually 4 of the winning numbers are pretty close to each other. 

Suppose that 2 winning numbers are between 20-30. Now, from what I’ve seen, the next 2 winning numbers tend to be either between 10-20 or between 30-40. 

The last winning number can be anywhere.

How can you implement this?

Well, get 10 tickets and always choose the first two numbers within a interval of 1-10, 10- 20, 30- 40.

Do this for all tickets. Use the same interval 10 times for the first 2 numbers. 

Now, if you chose for example 10-20, for the next 2 numbers try to experiment and choose them between 0-10 or 20-30. Experiment with all 10 tickets.

For the last number, I haven’t been able to see a general rule. Just put it random. 

I’ve seen this happening quite for a few times between July-October. I didn’t had much time to study it in October. Hope that it will work out for you 🙂 

After 10 videos. The same goes for Baymack.

 Summarized Overview

Name: Snuckls
Website: www.Snuckls.com
Price: Free Membership: $0 (Join Here)
Owners: Unknown( Whatsapp: +91 – 76191-21674
Overall Rank: 75.25 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Personal Recommendation

This is a wonderful opportunity to earn money by watching the latest videos from Youtube. You need to watch 5 videos of 1.3 minutes each. There is a high diversity between the videos. You can get to watch videos of travelling, fitness, TED talk shows, rock music, rap music, hip hop etc. It is a relaxing way to sit back, take a 6.5 minutes break and to watch the latest trends on Youtube. And for this you can even earn $5625,878 a day if you are lucky. 

The referral program is promising as well since no one can join uninvited!  

The main problem with this program is that you need to be lucky and to match at least 2/5 numbers out of 42. Therefore, the daily Jackpot is never guaranteed to be won by someone.

Therefore, if you want to have a chance to win the daily Jackpot, I suggest you to try Baymack. All you need to do is to watch the same 5 videos, and you will automatically get a ticket in the drawing. 

You don’t need to try to guess numbers.

At the end of the day, out of all the entries an exact number of tickets(mentioned on the front page of Baymack) will be randomly chosen as winners. 

This means that every day there will be someone who will win the daily Jackpot! Every single day, not just like Snuckls where you will need to match 5/5 numbers.

I would recommend Baymack to anyone instead of Snuckls. I never saw someone complaining of not receiving the money won.


Want to have a real chance to win the daily Jackpot?
Check out Baymack by clicking the button below!

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88 thoughts on “Snuckls Review in 2017

  1. Hi Andrei,
    This is an interesting piece.
    If I’m reading this right then Basically snuckles is a business to send traffic to people’s you tube channels for cash and then the viewers of the videos are rewarded with an entry in to the lottery which pays out a percentage of the profits. Genius lol.
    I might have a closer look at this .

    1. Hi, Paul!

      Hmm, this is not such a great business for the owner. In my opinion, a great business will be one that will generate 300% profit each month than they are investing. I assume that they generate a profit of around 20-30%. It’s a decent business for them, but they won’t become millionaires in a year.

        1. Hi, Khem!

          Just simply copy paste this link: snuckls.com/Invite/memberRef/591f94f81b884 in your browser’s tab. You’ll automatically get invited! 😀

          1. Hi, Sindhya!

            I’m not sure why is that. Did you match all 5 on the same ticket, or on multiple tickets? Like 1 ticket matched 2 numbers, another one the same and a 3rd ticket 1 number?

  2. Great review! Thank you for posting it. I checked on multiple websites, but yours is the most complex. Thanks for taking time aside and writing it down!

    1. Hi, Shubham!

      You make me blush! Thank you for your kind feedback! I hope you will enjoy trying this method out. Make sure to check Online Business guide in order to see how easy is to build an online business in this days or, if you don’t have enough time to invest in a business, I invite you to take a look at the other Online Opportunities section of this website, where I share with you lots of fun activities that will generate you a decent income. Cheers!

  3. Hi, Andrei!

    I really enjoyed reading it. I like your conversational tone and I will definitely try Snuckls and other products that you review!

    1. Hi, Mike!

      I try to sound as humane as possible. After all, I am not here as a “seller”. I am here as your friend and I am trying to help everyone out to earn some money without getting scammed.


        1. Hi, Kenneth!

          Well, they have a lot of people who send them e-mails. However, if your account got disabled, it is because you violated their rules. The most frequent problem is that you decided to join them with a fake Facebook profile. However, if this is not the case, make sure to send them an additional e-mail. I think that their staff is overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do. Therefore, keep in mind to have patience! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the post! I joined it and it is great! Wish me good luck, I hope that I will get the Jackpot this month!

    1. Hi, Steve!

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad that you liked my review and you decided to join Snuckls! I will soon update the review :D. I hope you’ll win the Jackpot :D! I will try to participate at least 3 times in the following week :)!

  5. HEYY!!!

    Good review! Thanks for it! I’ve completed 10 tickets and I hope that I will win, when was the last time you won some money?

    1. Hi, Alice!

      Thank you for your feedback! Well, the last time I’ve won I believe that it was Wednesday :). I’ve done the same and I’ve completed 10 tickets :D. However, that’s when I participated and won. With the referral program, I earn money almost on a daily basis! 😀 Seems like my referrals are lucky and I’m happy for them. I wish they could transfer some of their luck to me 😀 !!!

  6. Hellow sir thankyou so much for your honestly review☺ sir i have a favor can you help me? What is the best site to earn money for student? No need investment and free.

    1. Hi, Frank!

      There are a few opportunities for you 🙂 . Depending on what are you studying, maybe you could find a lot of online decent jobs by being a freelancer and claiming projects from Freelancer.com(Here’s my own review about them). If you are interested in an easy-to-do job, you might want to try CashCrate. Depending on your demographics, CashCrate could offer you with a lot of surveys from which you can earn a lot of money. You can earn over $150 per months! I’ve tried it for around 1-2 hours and I’ve earned $10. Make sure to read my detailed review here, in order to find out some tricks to maximize your earnings! Now, those were a few ways for you to get instant money. If you are interested to earn a lot of money and have some time at your disposal, I would advise you to build yourself a blog(Check here my guide) or to create your own Youtube Channel(See how here). Both long-term opportunities are free to do and I’ve seen a lot of people that after a few years have become millionaires while they were earning more than $100,000 per month! Those are the top opportunities that I recommend in order to start and earn money without investing in anything. Make sure to take a look at other opportunities which I review here. Hope that this will help you!!!! 😀

  7. I am a Youtuber and that 10$ is too much for 1k views, the income depends on Which country the ad was shown, and the type of ad and in snuckls they can only show those like banner ad which pays less. They cannot show like skippable ads which pays better. And I checked their faqs and We cannot submit videos to them.

    SNUCKLS Is a good legit company And I hope that whatever their source of income is. I hope they can still do that for a long period of time.

    1. Hi there!

      Well, I am not sure about getting views to a Youtube channel. However, I remember that when I first searched for this information, I found on Google a service that was charging as much as $10 for 10,0000 views, not 1,000 😀 .

      Snuckls is 100% legit and I put screenshots on a weekly basis to show to everyone that I am earning money on a daily basis. The only problem is that I am not lucky enough like some of my affiliates. Just today, I’ve seen that I’ve matched 2/5 numbers whilst 1 referral matched 4/5 numbers…

      However, I won’t give up until I match 5/5 numbers 🙂 .

  8. Just heard about this today, but I didn’t like the way the person talked (to be more precise, I couldn’t understand some points because he kept gabbing on) but it was interesting enough for me to find out more about it. So thank you for this (more complete and precise) information. I will join through your invite code to learn more. It seems legit…for now. I’m more concerned about how YouTube will react to it (for videos to get more views) from YouTubers who might complain about it. But I guess that’s not a problem for now. I don’t think you lose anything by joining. Strike while it’s still hot! Thanks!

    1. Hi, Lyn!

      Yeah, I’ve heard that plenty of Youtube videos got taken down and some Youtubers decided to move to VIMEO or Twitch. However, I don’t believe that this will have an impact at all on Snuckls. You see, they can easily replace a Youtube embed code with one from VIMEO. People will still want to have lots of views on their videos and they will pay services from Snuckls and other places. 😀

    1. Hi, Divine! Well, you can join & watch videos from the mobile. About the PayPal, you will have to get a visa credit card from any bank in your country and sign for it. I believe that they approved my application in an instant. 🙂 If you don’t want that, and you are from USA, you can redeem Amazon/Target/Walmart voucher. On the other hand, if you are located in India, you can redeem Amazon vouchers with a minimum cashout of 10 rupees.

    1. Hi, Michelle!

      Well, it all depends on your luck. I usually match at least 2 numbers in 5-6 tickets out of 10. If I think about it I would say that in 1 out of 2 days I match 3 numbers :). But some of my referrals even matched 4 numbers. I still hope that I will match 5 numbers soon.

    1. I don’t understand what you are saying. You meant that you have matched 5 numbers on one ticket or that you matched 5 numbers but on multiple tickets such as 2 on a ticket 2 on another ticket and 1 on another ticket? It is important to match all 5 numbers in only one ticket. If you matched all 5 numbers, but on multiple tickets, then you will earn 1% for two numbers matched on a single ticket, 3% of total Jackpot for 3 numbers matched on a single ticket and 6% of the total Jackpot for 4 numbers matched on a single ticket. Only if you matched 5 numbers on a single ticket you will earn 90% of the Jackpot.

  9. How to know that I win? I just got 10 entries last night. I don’t know where to see the winning numbers, or how much hours does it take to see the winning numbers?

    1. Hi, Ma!

      Thank you for your question. I will take some time today in order to update the review and I will also include an FAQ section where I will answer your question with screenshots :). If you will still have questions left make sure to drop a comment with them ! 😀

  10. my payout was sent 2 days ago but i have not received my payment…
    please, how long does it take to get paid.
    i need help….

    1. Hi, Udoka!

      Well, usually it takes 1 or 2 business days in order to receive your money in your paypal account. Are you sure that you entered the mail on which you are registered to Paypal correctly?

      I usually get the money within the same day or the very next day. I would suggest you to try and contact them on Whatsapp and ask them what is going on.

      I honestly received all of my payments. If you want, you can wait until Monday evening and if you still don’t receive your money, definitely contact them ASAP.

    1. Hi, there Walter!

      I don’t really understand what you’re saying. Why do you want to disable your account? Your account might get disabled due to the fact that they checked up your Fb profile and saw that you weren’t using a real profile. If this is not the case, make sure to contact them on Whatsapp. Hope that answers your question. 😀

    1. Hi, Edgardo!

      Usually, it means that you’ve won money, but when they checked to see if you have a real Facebook profile, they saw that you used a fake profile. If that is not the case, make sure to give them a message at +91 – 76191-21674 on Whatsapp or send them a mail at support@snuckls.com. Hope that works for you!

    1. Hi, Megha!

      The most common case is that people use fake facebook profiles when they register to snuckls. They mentioned a lot of time that they don’t allow it. As a matter of fact, someone won the $4000+ jackpot last week and when they checked his/hers Fb profile, they saw that it was a fake and they have deleted their account. Try to reach them on Whatsapp at +91 – 76191-21674 or try to send them an e-mail at support@snuckls.com, if you haven’t used a fake Fb profile. I’m sure that they will respond to you!

        1. Hmm… I would say that you will need to contact them on Whatsapp at +91 – 76191-21674 and ask them what happened to your account. Don’t tell them that your sister’s account. Just ask them what happened to the account. Have patience and they will get to you. Also, I believe that it would help if you send them an e-mail as well on support@snuckls.com or angies@snuckls.com and developer@skylom.com. There’s nothing else that you can do besides this. You will have to wait until they will respond to you.

  11. i was invited to Baymack and got logged from a facebook account that i have just created because i didn’t have an account before but after watching my first videos , i was supprised being blocked without reason or a clarifying message, the only message i saw was written in red as: “your account is blocked”
    it is a pity

    1. Hi, Zdilto!

      I am sorry to hear that. I think that the best thing for you to do is to go on your Facebook profile, take a screenshot of where Fb tells you when you created your profile and send them an e mail explaining them that you just joined Fb and leave your fb profile link. Make sure that you add a profile picture, cover picture, share some videos on your fb wall before you send the email. Also will help to add a few people. If this doesn t work, create a new fb profile, add profile/cover photo, add content to your wall and join baymack/snuckls.

  12. Sir can I use real fb profile but another name …bcz I have no account and I am really interested in snuckles but unfortunately I can’t bcz fb account is compulsory so…and I am also not using what up please give right suggestion.

    1. Hi, Megha!

      I am not sure that I understood what you asked. If you asked me if you can use another Fb account in order to participate in Snuckls, then the answer is yes. However, try to make it look like a real account. Try to add a profile picture, to add some friends on the profile and also it will most certainly help if you would upload a photo and if you share pictures, youtube videos, Facebook videos on your wall. If this wasn’t the answer to your question, please try to reformulate your question. 🙂

  13. Sir I am asking I HV no my personal fb account so can I use another account like my sisters account or brother or friend.and sir how to rejoin in snuckels

    1. Just use another Facebook account, but make sure to create a Paypal account to that e-mail address as well! Use your sister’s or your brother’s Fb profile, create them a Paypal account and when you’re done, join Snuckls while logged in their Fb account!

  14. OK means I am not using my any personal information only used my sister information and used her PayPal account .right sir?

    1. Hi, Megha!

      Yes, that’s alright. You need to use your sister’s Paypal account in order to not raise any suspicion. For instance if you would use your sister’s Facebook account which has an e-mail of x@yahoo com, and you will use a Paypal account such as y@yahoo .com, you will raise suspicion and if they dig into it, they will realize that you’re using someone’s else’Fb account and they will close your Snuckls account again. However, if both Fb e-mail address and Paypal e-mail address are the same, you won’t raise any suspicion.

  15. Sir but she has not email account in yahoo.com and sir I am owned 000.11$ so what I do its so much complication please suggest me or what’s up me please anyways sir can I close thise account and restart my own account and create a new account for snuckls

  16. Sir I have an create new fb profile but email I’d is same and rejoin the snuckl but my baymack and snuckls accounts are showing disabled why sir ????

    1. Because when you join Snuckls, they ask you for Fb access and they take your e-mail address. In order for them to block your previous account, they have blocked your e-mail address which they got from your previous Fb profile. Now, when you tried to create a new Fb profile with the same e-mail account, they already know that it is you since is the same e-mail account and they have your address on the black list. Therefore, you will need a new e-mail account.

    1. Don’t worry! Even though I take some time to respond, I will always help you and other people as much as I can! 🙂 Have a nice day!

    1. Hi, Jiyo!

      Usually, they disable an account if you break their rules. If for example, you registered with a fake Facebook profile, it is possible for them to realise that and to dismiss your account. Using a fake Fb profile is the no 1 cause of why they delete accounts.

  17. Hi Andrei!

    i already have this snukls app but i not started yet,i just wanna know if this is safe to connect in our facebook account?

    1. Hi, Judie!

      Well I’ve been using Snuckls with my personal Fb account since July or June and I didn’t had any problems with them. They have’t posted a single message on my timeline and I haven’t been tagged in any post. When you register with Fb, you have the option to uncheck for them to get access to your friends list. I’ve done that. I hope I answered to your question. I don’t know what more to say :D. If you have other questions, let me know :).

  18. Hi Andrei, Does this really works in 2018 ? I have tried many other, but were scam. Since you have recommend me this, I must try this too.

    1. Hi, Monu!

      It definitely works. However, in 2017, the % you’ve gained from matching 3-4-5 numbers was higher than today. The main problem is that you need to be “lucky” in order to win. You need to match all the numbers. If you match only a few, you will not make much money :(. I will write today about a few more opportunities to earn money so keep your eyes close on the Earn money online section :D.

  19. hi do you my I cannot access my snuckls account anymore it directs me right to baymack! Don’t understand, i signed up with real info and I only had the account maybe a week! Thanks

    1. Hi, Gladys!

      Sorry for responding so late. I had a few exams and I had to learn. Looks like the have closed Snuckls for good, along with Flamzy. I have created a post here especially for this subject :D.

    1. Hi, Youa!

      Nobody can help you because they have closed this opportunity. However, you can feel free to check my Earn Money Online section in order to see more opportunities to earn money. Wish you a great day!

  20. Pingback: writeessay
    1. Hi, there! I would gladly do that. However, the link doesn’t seem to work anymore! Just get in touch with me(Check the About Me page for contact details). Have a nice day!

    1. Hi, Hamzah!

      I am not sure what is the problem that you have encountered! If I were to say, I think that this is a way for them to market their business. However, Snuckls doesn’t work anymore and I would suggest you to take a look at the Earn Money Online section of my website to come up with the latest reviews in order for you to earn some money! Wish you a great day!

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