The BlogaShop PRO Scam Review 2017

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Welcome to the BlogaShop Scam Review. Today you will learn why you should keep your $17 in your wallet!

The BlogaShop Scam Review

Finally someone is thinking about me. The WordPress owner. So, this opportunity already has a +. 

So what is this all about?

Well, Karl raises the question following question: For those of you who don’t have enough money to invest in ads, how can you actually get people to your website?

His answer, which is legit, is by blogging.

Now the second problem which he raises is that by doing blogging in takes a lot of time. 

*For those of you who don’t know why it takes a lot of time, the explanation is this:

Imagine that Google search engine is a store. Now, all stores make sure to put in front of the customers(people who search on Google) the top quality products(websites). 

Now, you(website owner) have a product which you have recently introduced in the stores. Since you just launched, the store doesn’t have any idea of the quality of your product. Therefore, they will put your product somewhere in the back of the store(15-20 page result of G search). They do that because if they put your product in the main aisle of the store(front page of G), they will risk for people to buy it and not like it. 

When people don’t like the product, they will go to another store(Yahoo/Bing). That’s why they will keep your product somewhere far from the reach of the customers.

Now, with time, the store will try to test your product. It will take a look at how many posts, how frequent you create them in order to assure that you are committed. If they see that you don’t give easily, they will rank your website better and better. This probation period is somewhere around 6-10 months. Once Google is satisfied with your website, it will rank better and better.

For example, it took me around 2-4 months I believe to get a post on the front page of Google. Right now, almost every post I create ends up on the front page of Google, in rank 1, in 4-7 minutes. Read here more. 

Anyway, this is why blogging will take a while to bring you visitors.

Up until now, it makes sense. However, the bad part here it comes.

In order for you to “not wait” this time, Karl proposes you to use their plugin BlogaShop which actually will give you content which to publish.

Ok… Now, comming from someone who’s been doing SEO for some time now: Even if you write the post yourself or if you use this plugin to generate and publish the posts, it will be the same outcome.

You will still have to wait those months until Google and every other search engine decides to trust you. 

Notice that I bolded generate? Well, this is a little interesting for me. Now, among the main things that you learn at Wealthy Affiliate, is that the search engines hate duplicate content.

So wait for a second. This plugin is available for everyone who decides to spend $17. All those people gain access to the same auto generated texts.

So the guys have a … $100-5000…software which creates texts and they think that they can trick a  $ billion software?!

Even if you copy paste a paragraph from wikipedia and you decide to change the order of the sentences, I am more than sure that Google will figure it out. Those search engines are way more advanced than their software. There’s no doubt about that.

The search engines will just skip the part which they find out to be duplicate content and they will only rank the part which is unique. Therefore, this feature will be pretty useless. You will have a lot of posts, but you won’t have any post ranked well.


Now, if you somehow resisted and watched to the 3rd minute of the video, he will start to say that BlogaShop PRO PREMIUM VIP EXCLUSIVIST LIMITED EDITION, has an absolutely amazing feature.

Wait… Make sure to sit down for this…




I CAN’T BELIEVE IT… OMG… We live in 2017, but this guys lives in 3017!!!!!


What is even more a miracle is that they say that if you insert a youtube video(external link- search engines hate it) in your post, the traffic will grow.

How does that even work?!?!

It is not like if I decide to add Eminem’s Lose Yourself youtube link in my post, when I will go on Youtube, find the link, I will see in the Youtube Video the link to my website!


Another advance technology is that now, for the first time in the world, you will be able to click two boxes of TWOOOOOO DIFFFEEEERENT CATEGORIESSSSSSS and in the  RESULT LISTTTT you will be able to see ALL THE auto generated POSTS from BOTH CATEGORIES. :O

I know, it might come as a shock to some of you, but try to keep up with their technology!


– Yo Dude! 

– Yeah, waddup?

– I just created a Plugin that allows you to Generate text, uses free images from Pixabay and other free sites, and hold on- IT CAN INSERT A YOUTUBE VIDEO IN YOUR POST!!

– No freakin way!!!!!!!! So what do you want to do with it?

– Well, I’ll just sell my miracle Plugin which can make unlimited posts for $17 to other people.

– Wait… Why don’t you use it yourself and create a website which will generate $ 1 million per month?

– Wait… What?!


That’s all on The BlogaShop Scam Review. If you have any questions about SEO feel free to ask them below! 

Also you can click here in order to learn more about SEO and other cool stuff like E-mail MArketing, Affiliate MArketing, Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools, WordPress etc.




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