Got a Feedback?! Let me hear it!

Hi, guys!

One of the most important factors in developing a business is the FEEDBACK.

There is no better way of improvement than visitors telling you what you need to improve in order to make your website appearance more appealing.

There is no such thing as a perfect website.

However, with your help, I can try to improve it!!

This is why I decided to create this page.

Therefore, feel free to write your opinions on this page and I will try to optimize the website in order to deliver the most positive outcome.


It can be about anything you want:

  • From pointing out my grammar mistakes;
  • From pointing out links that don’t work;
  • From pointing out images that don’t work;
  • Or perhaps there are paragraphs that you don’t quite understand;
  • Or pages that have too many animations;
  • Pages that have too much content;
  • Posts or Pages that need an upgrade;
  • Or too less content :D;
  • Or even a general opinion about the structure of the website;
  • The e-mail subscription message;
  • The reviews and so on.


Write about anything you like regarding my website. However, when pointing out an issue, make sure to leave the page URL as well :D! Also if you have other ideas of how should I structure the content, they are welcome and I want you to leave the URL of a review that you personally enjoy such that I will optimize my layout!!!

There is no such thing as a negative feedback. Only constructive criticism!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Got a Feedback?! Let me hear it!

  1. Hi Andrei! I’ve been browsing your website for tips since forever now and I believe that I can give you a few tips about how’s your website going. First of all, I believe that for a few months you’ve done a great job. I mean that not many people could accomplish all you did in just a few months while starting from scratch as you say. Most of your reviews have a great layout and great effects. Second of all, I find it great that you find time to share all this content with us for free. Most of the websites will charge a membership fee in order for us to be able to browse around freely. When it comes to what you can do better, I believe that it will be a great thing if you could focus on a single section each month. You start and write lots of different posts from survey reviews to Google analytics posts to WordPress tips and so on. By doing this, you will find yourself with very less content on a specific section. Try to spend 1-2 months per each section, to come up with 40-50 posts. You are literally chasing 3-4 rabbits at once and at some point on the line, you will find it difficult to keep it this way even for you!

    1. Greetings Norman!

      You’re perfectly right. I tried to chase too many rabbits and this almost killed my business. Starting from the last week, I have only focused on the make money online opportunities and when I was not in the mood I started to review some posts and improve them. I can see that being an Online Entrepreneur is not as easy as I thought. Not when you aim high. I still have to create at least 70 posts in the Make money online section :(. It becomes pretty boring when you work alone. Thank you for your advice, I truly appreciate it! 🙂 If you want, you can explore more posts and drop me a hint for where I need improvements! Wish you a great day!


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